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Gdwan Need help choosing a new color

Gary WanickiFebruary 15, 2013
Help me chose a new color.
Yellow is not working no curb appeal. And it is to much Yellow. We live in Florida in the Tampa Bay Area.
Thank you
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Sage green, lt grey, pale aqua or creamy tan would look nice with the white shutters & roof
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I beg to differ. I like the yellow. I think it looks bright. Perhaps darker shutters and some additional landscaping? Is there room to change the driverway so that it doesn't run directly into the house? Perhaps off to one side in an L shape and a darker material like asphalt?
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Pale aqua~missed load above
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Becky is right!
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I like the Yellow as well. Add some color to the shutters. Deep red or perhaps an Emerald Green.
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Is the concrete in the foreground of the photo your driveway or a walkway? I am thinking about how the landscape might be enhanced, but need a bit more information. Can you attach photos from a few more angles? Which is the north side of the house?
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Pretend this picture is a one story like yours.
No shutters, play up the roof, paint a very light neutral and highlight the windows and doors.
Pulp Design Studios · More Info
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Dar Eckert
What color is your roof? Was the front door moved to the side location? It seems really odd to have the sidewalk not going to the front door. I think I would get it replaced with a new walkway that goes to the front door. The color isn't bad but the trim and shutters aren't doing anything for you, maybe paint the fascia & window trim medium gray. Ditch the shutters.
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I think yellow looks nice on a Florida home, but this yellow is too pale and needs to be a more rich gold. I live in south FL and we are in the final stages of painting our entire home. The back of the house was painted three times, because the first two shades looked much more washed out under our intense sunshine, and that is on the north side of our house!
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Lady Von
Hi! I see your dilemma. I am not a fan of yellow myself. However, it seems to me the biggest problem is not the paint color but rather the landscaping. Depending on your budget I would definitely invest in both the new exterior paint and sprucing up your yard. You don't have to do anything fancy with your yard but a few new blooming plants that add color and height variation to your yard will do wonders. Also, adding a border (whether with low plants, red mulch, or rocks) along your walkway will help to draw your eye to the house and make the yard more inviting (see image below, although this yard is very froo-froo). I would consider staining your concrete walkway, too, especially if you can't replace it altogether. That will help hide some of those stains.

With that being said, my first thought was to paint the house a RICH gray tone. It doesn't have to be a "true" gray but I think that color family would look very classy on your home, especially if you plan on keep the white trim. Another color to consider is navy (another classic color). Again, with crisp white trim Navy will just sing! These are colors that will stand the test of time. They also work as neutral backdrops allowing you to go funky with your lanscaping, if you are a funky landscaping type of guy. Also, if you can, replace your front door. Its drab and unwelcoming. If you can't replace it, I definitely would paint it a nice WARM, RICH color like coral or orange. Stay away from pale colors altogether as they will "wash out" your house.

Well, this is my 2 cents. Good luck and keep us posted!
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I have to agree, your landscaping could use some T.L.C. I would start with the crack in the walkway. Definitely fix the grass. I like the light sage green color suggested and bring it out with bright white trim, shutters, etc.
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Beef up the post at the front porch... It's too skinny! Here are some color ideas too. Nice house.
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Either of these shades of soft gray will work beautifully with your silver tin roof: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/sweetinnocence



Paint your shutters white for a crips clean look and your front door true red.

The porch post appers to be a bit narrow. You might consider replacing it with a heaftier one and adding a low raining across the right hand side. Similar to that shown in attached image.

Your driveway needs to be repaired, then it and hte walkway should be acid stained as they are eye sores that detract from your home. See images below.

As others have mentioned landscaping is an issue that needs to be addressed. The beds should be as deep as the house is tall. And the plant on the left side that is covering the window should be removed.

I hope you will post updated photos when you are finished.
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Any off white/tan, would look awesome! Shutters and front door painted as well for subtle contrast....... And I hate to mention this since it isn't a question you asked about, but I would definitely rip the large shrub out that is hiding the window on the very far left. Keep your exterior cheery, add some colorful flowers/greenery in landscaping. Also a darker gutter would really help define and frame your pretty house. Anyway......here is your house, somewhat neutralized.
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Agree that shrubbery to the left definitely needs a cut!!!
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I suggest that you take photos of your yard to your local (not national chain) nursery. The horticulturalist on staff will know what plants are native to your geographical location. S/he will also be able to tell you which plants will grow best in different areas of your yard (much easier if you have photos with you).

Also, a dilemma very much like yours in terms of Florida landscaping came up today on Design Dilemma. It is titled "Alternative to Grass."
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I agree your biggest problem is the landscaping. I like yellow also, but if you are tired of it, I like the coral and beige,cream choices. If you just think it is missing something it is the landscaping.
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