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Powder Room Help!

sierraimwalleFebruary 15, 2013
We are building a new house and unfortunately, I just now realized how small our powder room is. You basically walk in and the pedestal sink comes first on the left and then the toilet on the left after that. Straight ahead we have a linen closet. My issue is that our pedestal sink and toilet feel like they are going to be rather close together (pedestal 1" from the wall on the left an 3" from the toilet on the right). Our only option at this point is to not use the linen closet as a closet, but actually to put the toilet in there. It would look like a "toilet room" but there would not be a door on it. Then, the pedestal would be the only thing on the left wall of the powder room. I'm attaching pictures and hope they help with my explanation. My question is, do I move the toilet to the closet area, or do I leave it where it is currently slated to be?
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Design & Decor By Shelley
Hello, I am a bit confused with the measurement from toilet to sink? However, you clearly do not have the space between the two fixtures and not sure if this would even pass inspection?
So, do you really need to have this closet? And is it possible to undo the framing for the linen and open the space up rather than have the toilet sitting in a closet type situation?
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What is your room dimension? Toilet can be placed minimum 15" from center of toilet to wall and same for pedestal I believe (15" from pedestal edge to center of toily). Is your toilet space 30"? Have you purchased pedestal and is that important? They make corner sinks and corner toilets. And there are smaller wall mount type sinks. This is unfinished but I used an upper kitchen cab (12" deep) as a vanity and found a cute tiny sink by duravit. As you can see its unfinished ad there will be counter running between the two, but perhaps a smaller sink with storage option for a few hand towels and then no closet is needed. But dimensions of your room would help :-)
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It will definitely pass inspection and yes, there is 30" space for the toilet.. There isn't any space for the closet to be moved or changed. I'm just nervous it's not enough space aesthetically.
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Your powder room looks similar to mine which is 4'-6" wide with a pedestal and toilet as you have in the photo.
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Toilet "room" isn't 30"? How about you waste a little bit of closet space and build the closet up some (till you are sink height) and do built in linen (no door). Like a medicine cabinet on the side but deeper. If you can find a small door fine :-). Then you could get a corner sink and it should all work great? Perhaps you can find use for under the shelves from connecting rooms. I hope you see what I am saying... Trying to find a pic!
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Dytecture, I believe in corner where her sink is to left there is a linen closet. A sink there blocks closet. I hope I have this right...
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Linen closet is directly ahead of you when you walk in the door of the bathroom. Sink and toilet are two left.
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Scott Design, Inc.
What are the dimensions of the room? When the toilet is in place, will you have a minium of 24" between the end of the toilet and the linen closet? What do you plan on putting in the linen closet? I would keep the toilet on its current wall. How wide is your pedestal? Brand/Style?
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Yarbro Home Improvement LLC
I agree with some of the above statements. Work with what can't be changed. You need 30" minimum clear space for the toilet. Work from there
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The math suggests your pedestal sink is 22 or 24 inches wide... It should be pretty possible to find something smaller. Conventional wisdom says delicate legs or wall hung will maximize the feeling of floor space. If I have this right, the linen closet is across from the door, so I wouldn't move the toilet in there if it can be avoided. You can staple up cardboard to represent the linen closet to see how much more closed in the space will feel with the cabinetry in there. If it feels like too much, could you split the linen into upper and lower cabinets, with full depth lower cab, a counter top, then shallower upper cabinet? With that small a counter you could use the most deluxe of materials. Under cab lighting there would give you a little display niche, something pretty to see when you open the door.
Bottom line is that no one spends that much time in a powder room, so first impression and minimal functionality are they keys.
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I'm not entirely understanding people's suggestions for cabinetry in the linen. Any pictures? Are you saying to put in cabinetry instead? Sounds like most are saying no toilet in there if possible. The sink is the kohler reve 23".
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A tiny powder room can still be beautiful:
Lorraine Vale · More Info

Impluvium House · More Info

Harris - Half Bath · More Info

Tiny small bathroom · More Info
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Looks to me like the sink drain was roughed-in for a vanity sink, where it really doesn't have to line up with the center of the sink... Unfortunately there's an hvac vent in there too...
If you're definitely going with a narrow pedestal sink (less than whatever width of room minus 30" for toilet space), do question builder about what the drain will look like coming out of the wall not behind the pedestal of the sink... Same with the hot and cold lines that aren't there yet... Might look like a sloppy reno...
Personally I would either consider switching to a small vanity, or see if you can swap the toilet and sink so things line up properly. Plumber and builder may not like you for a few days, but you won't like your powder room every day you own the house ;).
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ha ha! My father is the builder and if changing the locations is what its going to take then I'm going to do it.
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In my world of limited budgets, moving the toilet would be a nonstarter for me. Moving the sink isn't usually a major problem but since you can't move it to the left without encountering the HVAC ducting, I would leave it where it is. Spend your time on selecting a sink or vanity which works in the limited space available.
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