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Teeny tiny master bath...
February 15, 2013
I am looking into renovating a 1960s ranch house and the master bath has proven to be less than inspirational. Right now the linen closet from the hall bath is clogging the entry way and the shower is a claustrophobic's worst nightmare. The plan is to claim the space currently taken up by the linen closet as well as the closet on the other side of the sink and shower. With the reclaimed space it will be around 12'x5'. That's still tiny, so I feel like I need to get creative to maximize the space but I'm having a really hard time finding anything similar here or elsewhere. Can anyone provide some inspiration?
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I heard 12x5 but it looks like it's broken up and I can't see the closets. Could you sketch something out and post it?
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Oh luxury - this apartment has a bathroom laundry combined and is 2 metres wide, 3metres long, around 10feet x 6feet 7 inches; great natural light, you can just see the shower hob on the right. Any day now it will be gone, the dryer is usually hung above the front loader
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karen paul interiors
Whenever I see a teeny tiny bath I think of a yacht or cruise ship stateroom bathroom. They are the masters of elegance and efficiency. :)
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Here's a rough sketch of the current configuration. We would be combining the space from the two closets and the empty space behind the sink.

And good idea about the "traveler's" baths - I bet they are close in size!
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Can you use the 'Empty' space too?
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Moving the waste and tap inlets can add considerably to the cost, especially it the walls are brick and the room is on a slab.
removing the closet between the toilet and the door, and removing the hob so the floor is flat and using framed or frameless clear glass for the shower, would work well and be cost effective. Then you can add a garden bathroom with a tub elsewhere in the house perhaps :)
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Yep! It's just an odd empty space between the closet and exterior wall that's not currently serving a purpose.
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
Is there a crawl space under the bathroom? It would be nice to run the shower or tub shower combo in the area labeled empty and closet. Place the sink under the window and leave the toilet where it is. This is easily dabble if you are not on a slab foundation. You could put an over the John cabinet in for storage as well as a free standing unit between the shower and toilet or t the very least, towel bars and a hotel towel shelf.
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Groveraxle's post "From closet to wetroom" is a great idea. It would make the space seem so much larger.
Here are a couple more
Bathrooms 1
Bathrooms 2
It's nice to have a place to hang towels off the sink
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There is a crawl space beneath. There's considerable water damage beneath the bathrooms, so it was already in the plans to tear up the floors and replace the plumbing meaning reconfiguring would be a minor expense in comparison! Did I mention this house is a fixer upper? :)
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I'm surprised that a 12 foot by 5 foot bath would be described as tiny. In the US, an eight foot by five foot bath was a very common size in houses built since WWII. 12 foot by 5 foot gives you enough room for one sink and separate shower and bathtub or two sinks and a large shower or two lavatories and shower/bath combo.
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There were some great pictures posted for you to get ideas. I wanted to mention something we did just in case you want to keep your linen closet. I had the same situation with the linen closet creating a hallway effect when you walk into the bathroom. We cut the whole corner off and had it reframed and drywalled. It opened the whole room up and I didn't lose much space in the linen closet either. You could cut it back however far would work in your situation. If you don't need the linen closet that is even better, but I needed mine.
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I just mentioned this on another post, but when you change out, I would try to protect your sink and put it on Craig's list. Those sinks have such character and I am sure of even more interest in the pink!
I also agree that a wetroom might be the way to go given your size constraints, the less barriers such as walls and panels you can put up the better.
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I like the idea of running the shower using the closet and the empty space. Then I would put the sink in the current location of the shower. One advantage of that is you can keep all the plumbing on the same wall which will help keep the costs down.

With lots of glass and light colors, that bathroom will feel spacious.
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Here is a thought for the floor plan
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Scott Design, Inc.
Here is a suggested preliminary layout (one sink and two sinks) based on dimension assumptions for existing location of door and window. All of the fixtures are in line for straight forward waste line and vent connection. Can the entry door be relocated to the center of the long wall and still be in the master bedroom by any chance?
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