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Need help for my house

anitavcostaFebruary 16, 2013
Any ideas for the exterior? I think this house is so dated. I've be living here for ten years and I need a change. I got a great view from the front porch.
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I would remove some of the random trees. Paint the house a warm beige color to better coordinate with your tile roof.

What is the large brick post? An outdoor pool shower? I would soften that with a vine.
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Thanks. I agree with you. A warm beige will be better and remove the trees will be good too. It's an outdoor pool shower.
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I agree a vine would look lovely, perhaps a few planters with tropical plants to add some color next to the pool. The blue helps to make the home look a little dated but it's still plenty pretty!
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is this the front exterior. I agree the trees seem to be floating in no pattern. What about landscaping up the hill partway behind the pool, making the pool feel like it blends in better and removing a mowing problem in the process. A great place to use a ground cover that wouldn't take too much maintenance by you. I tried to find a photo but so many were overkill for a McMansion. Aaargh! why are there never homes like the rest of us have on the internet. LOL. Finding a color to blend the house to the roof is also an excellent idea. Enjoy
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Thank you, too!
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Danielle B
Some flowering bushes on both sides of the brick posts would definitely help them blend in. Two trellis panels on each side, with climbing vines would also work.The steps leading to the pool area could also blend in better with some bushes or potted plants.
The only tree that doesn't work for me is the one that hides the house, so consider taking that one out or is it possible to reposition it elsewhere? It would be a shame to kill a tree that is otherwise perfectly healthy...
For the house, it is had to tell much about it, but you seem to have several colors, like the white railing, brick posts, red surround on the windows and blue siding... Unifying your colour scheme would help.
The brown building with the car parked underneath - is that part of your home? Is is a separate building on your property? If so, any plans to change colours should including that building, so it will work with the rest.
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Denice Shuty
Is this the front - I see a driveway??? Remove the 70's white brick columns, terrace the slope, change the plantings, create a better walk to the pool, remove the white railing. Take some other photos from different angles. See my other posts about terracing and creating better spaces/circulation on a sloped property - dozens of ideas!
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Is this the front of house, or back of house? Is your driveway in the alley, or is your pool in front? If it's the front, it just seems like the trees are a bit random and blocking the front of the house. If that's a Queen palm on the left, it's going to leave a mess all over your lawn, as well as the mango tree to the right (it looks like a mango tree). We have three mature Queen palms on our front lawn, and they leave a terrible mess. We will likely be replacing them with Foxtail palm trees,which we are told are self cleaning and less maintenance. Our mango tree out back, is definitely messy, but it's in the backyard, in the back corner, so... it's still worth it for the yummy fruit.
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I think the colors on your home are very pretty. It's likely you're just tired of them, but I think they are very fresh, relaxing and tropical. I would just like to see more of it. :)
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I live in Brazil . They're not a Queen palm, it's a native tree. They don't leave a mess, but my husband beloved mango tree.... And, yes, it is the front of the house.
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