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Remodeling our bathroom

scw22February 17, 2013
We are looking for ideas for our bathroom project. I am horrible with design and decorating, so I would love some ideas. This bathroom is used, primarily by our kids and their friends. They are ages 14-16.
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Could you please draw up a little plan? I'm a little confused over the layout, where the windows and doors are.
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Tanya Schoenroth Design
As per previous commenter, a quick floor plan would be helpful, but I'm going to take a stab at it based on what I can see from your photos:

I think your existing fixture layout is working and there aren't a lot of other functional options due to the sloped ceiling. For your vanity wall, I would suggest a new cabinet and counter that extend all the way from the left wall the right wall, in order to maximize storage and make the space feel more complete. Unframed mirrors are not terribly costly and you could have one cut to fit the entire space left above the counter and backsplash. If your kids don't seem to mind sharing a sink, I would keep a single sink centered in the vanity. This allows you to put a wide bank of drawers (or 2 banks of smaller drawers) to either side, which offers better storage than cupboards. If you are thinking of selling the home at some point, you may want to consider putting in 2 sinks, but you get less functional storage (each sink needs a certain size of cupboard to accomodate plumbing pipes) and you will also have trouble centering a light over the left hand sink. With a single sink, you have room for a reasonably wide vanity sconce, which I would mount directly onto the mirror. (Tip: a sconce with a larger base will make it easier for the contractor locate the hole in the mirror as there is more margin for error). Budget allowing, you could also think about running cabinetry straight up to the sloped ceiling on the left hand side. This would creat a small pantry-style cupboard that helps out with toiletry storage and towels.

For your tub/shower, I think your kids are at an age where a shower would suffice? I assume the shower head is located on the short partition as it's unlikely to be located on an exterior wall. So, we likely need to leave that partition in place, but you could put in a tiled shower base and get just a little more depth (try not to butt your wall tile right up against the window casing above if you can helpf it). Some clear frameless glazing would spruce things up a bit and make the space more open. Cost savings in this area would involve using an acrylic base rather than tile and using framed glazing instead of frameless. Again, if you are thinking of selling the home at some point in the near future, you should leave the tub in for potential buyers with young children. You could still use clear glazing or a shower curtain, rather than the frosted sliders.

I'm guessing with 2 kids, you could use some more accessories: a couple of robe hooks on the back of the entry door, plus another towel bar on the wall across from the door. I see that the slider handles likely double as towel bars and you can also get this style of handle for frameless glazing, if that's the way you go.

As far as asethetic style, Houzz is a great site for inspiration images. Decide if you like traditional vs. contemporary. Then pick a cabinet colour. From there, decide if you want a warm scheme (beige/gold tile and counter products) or a cool scheme (grey/blue/white tile and counter products). Try to keep your lighting, plumbing fixtures, bath accessories and cabinetn pulls of a similar style and finish.

I hope that helps; good luck with your project!
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Thank you so much. I apologize for not having better pictures, etc. Your ideas are wonderful and will certainly be put to use. I appreciate your time.
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Is this your layout?
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It would be fun to have a shower in the dormer with a full glass door (your picture: http://www.houzz.com/discussions/364010/Remodeling-our-bathroom). A double sink where the bath used to be and a bath under the sloped ceiling. Attach a lid on the bath that opens like a hatch, so it can be sat on when unused.
When you build a shower with a slightly higher floor, the drain could go around the corner (cove) towards the bath.
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And I'd suggest neutral flooring and white/neutral tiles halfway up (with a bold bright color on top?). A double sink has a major plus; drawers and towels in the middle, both kids have their own space.

Bathroom · More Info

Sommer-Spencer · More Info

Classic Contemporary Washroom · More Info
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pretty decent bathroom. it just needs livening up with colours, wall art/paintings & some organization for all your items on the counter... pick silver/metallic along with turquoise coloured items etc to decorate.. plus those knobs are too plain, add metallic/steel/silverish knobs on drawers.. mirror is too small for the counter n an awkward shape to have with that inclined roof. get a round or oval large mirror with metallic sides to create harmony with that inclined roof. note mirror in pic:
Guest Room on budget · More Info
.. buy counter decor in silver plus add a turquoise coloured glass bottle for artificial flowers on counter.. add grey floor mats.

take this as your inspiration for overall bathroom:
LaVista Park Renovation & Interiors · More Info
note that dividing the walls using a strip and painting the lower portion with a different colour will fill up all those empty walls for you easilyyyy. your current blue needs brighter blue like in the photo.

you can hang your tower rail near counter like in this pic to clear that wall:
Bungalow bathroom · More Info

deal with that other space shown in your other discussion for same bathroom like this with such a fancy wall paper with such a wooden shelf minus the sink, right below your window, place a lidded laundry basket beneath it, as shown here:
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those curtains can be replaced with soemthing like in this pic: (again go turquoise with the curtains)
Stern Turner Home · More Info

organize the closet next to the bathroom counter like this:
Storage-Packed Small Bathroom Makeover · More Info

inspiration for decor items for counter and on top of commode annnnd for wall hangings such as star fishes on the lower part of the walls next to the commode & bathroom counter as shown in this picture would be great:
Upper Brookville · More Info
note the cabinet detailing also. & silver drawer knobs
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Dar Eckert
I didn't see this when I commented on your alcove but in keeping with that idea, I would put a large round rug in the center of the room. Put a dresser or storage unit under the window between the shower and stool. Oval or round mirror with sconces over sink. Small chandelier over the dressing table in alcove small sconce on small wall around corner from door near shower.
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like the idea of the rug & chandelier. but chandelier would be nice in the junction of the three extended arms of the room..
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Your three posts are becoming quite confusing, Steph. I'd like to see your feedback on reactions, but now we need to move forward and back to see posts..

What did you come up with so far?
And when you said remodeling, to what extend? What is your goal and budget?
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