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Shingles vs Metal Roofing Dilema on Modern Home
February 18, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We have a 1962 ranch we are about ready to rip off a poorly added addition and redo it with a large living area. We love modern. We are torn between the roofing material. The cost difference between shingles vs. metal is an additional $23K for metal.

We keep going back and forth. The reality is the $23K can go along way to other remodel efforts that are also on the list.

In some ways, I like the idea of shingles to break up the roof span visually. Metal (standing seam) can seem sort of bland to me also.

Here is a pic of the home currently and also drawings as to what it will look like in a few months with a great room added to the back (large slanted roof on the rear elevation, clearstory windows on the front with a roof apron leading up to it).

(We are keeping the cool lattice work but installing modern front doors)

Opinions are appreciated!!

Thanks in advance! :-D
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Ironwood Builders
On a past project, we used standing seam roofing on porches and low slopes and composition shingles for the rest, it broke pup the monotone of both products and leant visual interest to the roof...plus it was a big savings over all metal.
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We have the same problem... I love metal roofing and IMHO it is absolutely stunning on modern type buildings, but the cost is killing our budget. So i am trying to look around, to see whatelse is out there.
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As important curb appeal is, most of us spend the majority of our time inside the house. There isn't a comparison if allocating that $23k on the interior could provide more benefits.
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What do your neighbors have? May want to keep it similar to what's going on in the neighborhood.
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I think composite shingles in a dark charcoal will work great with the modern atomic ranch you are restoring / updating. I agree that $23k can go a long way elsewhere - you don't need to spend it on the roof. Metal roofs are also a lot louder when it rains - and will be ruined in hailstorms, so depending on your location / frequency of precip, the shingles may also be more practical in the long run.
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Thanks everyone! Great feedback! We are really leaning strong to shingles now. The neighborhood here is 50/50 metal/shingles. We live in a beachside florida community. It can get quite warm here so are looking at a whiter shingle (although I like the visual of a dark roof). I have a call into our insurance company to see if there are any great savings differences there. I think it will shingles though... not terrible visually... but just a practical $$ choice at this point. Thanks again everyone!! Have a great day!
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Ironwood Builders
Thanks for letting us know!
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I thought metal roofs were the better choice in regions with heavy snow. Are there benefits elsewhere? Do they reflect or retain heat better? These would seem to be the most important considerations, beyond aesthetics.
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
There are more than one type of metal roofing. Here is what is becoming poplular in my area.

You might want to get another bid on that roof, just saying.
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Have you seen this pix? I don't know if your roof pitch would allow this, but I love how there is a little of both.


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The Color People
The roof is almost completely unseen especially since the yard seems to run to a lower level at the street. You will not get much impact for your metal roof if that is all you are looking for, so it would not be worth the money. Speaking of being worth the money, a simple 3tab asphalt roof or one with a very small articulation would be best. These are usually 20- 30 year roofs. A roof with a deep articulation is a waste of money for appearances as with the pitch of your rood so low all you are going to see is the butt ends of these expensive asphalt shingles. The main thing to consider is that your roof is not likely to get seen except from a distance.
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Norm Walters Construction Inc.
In Florida you would want go with the more expensive shingles regardless of the look that you can't see as they age so quickly here they never last for as long a they are warranted for. Plus it's only a pro-rated warranty on the material.
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Thanks again everyone! This has been tremendously valuable feedback! We have decided on shingle for a lot of the reasons mentioned here... and also looking at a "cool" shingle to better reflect the sun's rays... a more premium shingle but seems worth it in our hot Florida sun... our attic space is unbearable in the summer. I actually do not allow anyone up there as it's too dangerous with the heat. Paradise is lovely, but it can get dangerous too.

Thanks again to everyone here! This has really helped us make our decision.
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LaPlant Metal Roofs, LLC
Hope I am not too late! As someone who exclusively installs metal roofs, it is always hard for me to hear someone even contemplating installing shingles. A $23K difference sounds to me like you may have gotten some quotes on metal that were too high. Please review my professional Houzz profile and let me have an opportunity to provide you with a more reasonable estimate.
LaPlant Metal Roofs, LLC - Facebook
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I can just say that we looked at a newly installed metal roof yesterday and boy, did it look sexy! I expected it to be beautiful but it was even better. It looked really "expensive"/ high quality, too, if you know what I mean. So we actually decided to bite the bullet and go for a metal one. Mr. LaPlantMetal Roofs, may I ask you what to expect approx. per ft²?
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Roofing contractors
Roofing is the major concern when constructing or remodeling your home and there are many choices to make. You have to decide so many things like what color of brick, and if you even want brick then what accent colors you want. All of these questions are important in determining the style and presence of your roofs. Since roofing is a onetime investment process so choosing the right roofing material and roofing contractors are quite essential. Metal roofing is the best option for house as it is much strong than any other roofing material.
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