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Design Dilemma

Post Sandy House - Need Suggestions Please!!!

timitty2February 19, 2013
I think I figured a way to post my plans in a picture. Need suggestions for the kitchen area and any other. I don't want any cabinets on the walls. I was thinking on having a oven in the island or a cooktop, either way do I have to have a exhaust fan over it? Is this more for show? Micro would be in the island I guess... Any suggestion greatly appreciated! THANKS!!!
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I see others have used a oven in an island, I guess this will work... Or maybe just a cooktop with a convection microwave oven?
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Nice deck and sliders, wonder what this would cost? Will need some type of awning or roof also...
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Pocket doors can come in handy...
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Hi timitty2,

You don't have to have a fun over the island, the oven you shared have fans that suck all the air while you cook, additionally there are microwave drawers that can be installed on an island.
All these features make the kitchen more fun and open.

here is an example
Monteverde Residence · More Info

Plantation by the Sea · More Info

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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
ventilation in a kitchen is necessary for the following reasons

1) exhausts excess moisture so doesn't build up & create long term mold problems

2) exhausts the strong smells sometimes frequent when frying, roasting, broiling, stir frying... think bacon, cabbage, fish etc. otherwise these scents end up adhering to the soft furnishings in our homes

4) traps air borne grease so it doesn't adhere to the walls & furniture

5) in the case of gas... exhausts contaminants/smell of gas

if you prefer to have an oven/stove in your island it can be done with a downdraft. See Jenn Air appliances. Or there are popup vents that install behind a cooktop. The fans do take quite a bit of space out of your storage below and preclude installing an oven there. models like the Sharp or Dacor micro drawers are handy in an island. Pricey!

Also, Panasonic has a ceiling mount fan that looks much like a small skylight. it is operated with a remote control. For a view property, it could be a good solution. Just cleaning grills may be a little more trouble as you have to get up right by the ceiling to pop out.

Senior Designer~Urbana, Victoria, BC
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Nice siding

Exterior Shower · More Info
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Another nice deck
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Just too low, have to be higher...
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Any suggestions on the front. I have to be high and have all those steps per my plan... I think something like this may be good
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With only about 1400 sq feet for this one floor house to be utilized it can be converted easily at a latter time if need be with something like this design I guess... Not sure if this pitch will be able to be doormed down the road???
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You've got all these great deck photos but then your plan has a bunch of cabinets where a great connection to the deck could be. That, and a very compartmentalized plan making a small house feel smaller.

Think porperty line to porperty line, not wall to wall. Stop you designing at the property lines and only there because you have to. In one of my ideabooks there's a bunch of examples.

Coincidentially we had another recent Sandy rebuild post here: http://www.houzz.com/discussions/324343/FLOORPLAN-Replacing-house-after-Hurricane
Thought you where the same person since your graphic look similiar. Don't know if I'll have time here but i posted a quick "L" shaped concept for that lot where all the rom relate to the outside.
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Thanks, can use any help/suggestion I can get. I don't think my lot coverage can handle a lot more decks, already will need a variance to get my original width back...
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Also, I can't get to crazy with funds
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You missed my point. Wasn't talking about more decks. Was talking about connections and the connections I'm talking about don't cost a dime.
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you should try designing your plans using something basic like google sketchup that is free. Very easy to change plans. I designed my house on that before doing final AutoCAD drawings b/c I knew I would make several changes.

I agree that you def. need ventilation of some type over any cooking surface. Downdraft fans are common for islands so the view is not broken up by vent hood. I still will always vote for cooking surface against wall and a sink in the island so you can use traditional hood or oh microwave.
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Since you're a storm victim I'd be glad to help you out like I did on the other Sandy thread I referenced above (come to think of it I ought to inquire as to how that went since it's been a few weeks). Right now however, I'm swamped with other stuff.

What I can quickly do however is provide you with the list of books I provide my clients. They're all about house design and house building, what makes great houses. The internet's great but there's nothing like a 200 page book to cover a topic comprehensively and then to use the interent to fill in spot information.

Ernest Hemingway said "Easy reading is hard writing". And that's from a literary giant. No different with design. Great and even good design is not an easy thing to accomplish although it may look like an easy task. Just like Hemingway's writing. Send me a note (address in profile) and I'll send you the book list.

And the best of luck with you project!
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Stitzcrew has a fair point about the best places for cookers ! But at the end of the day - this is your home not ours !!!
In a space that size there are several options you can have - adding a downdraft extractor will allow island cooking with minimum negative impact ! I like how you have taken the time to draw it up. It helps to see what space is available ! Is the space behind the kitchen furniture wall garden !?!? Might be nice to have an access route out that way if possible ?!? Maybe by the family room / bedroom 3 door ?!?!
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creeser gave me this one, this is something that i was hoping to put in my place
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