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What exterior color do you use on a manor style house?

stacy79February 20, 2013
We are building and Our builder calls this home a manor style house. What exterior colors should we go with. I really like how it's pictured but can't decide if it's yellow or more beige...or maybe a blend of both? Or is there a better choice? Thanks for your input.
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Many colors would look great on this house. It has such classic lines.

I don't think the term 'manor' will be helpful for you should you decide to research appropriate colors for the house, so I recommend just picking a color that looks right when you visualize it on the house.

My ideas:
- The color shown is nice
- a medium-toned gray-green
- a darkish, muted slate blue
- a medium-toned, warm gray
- a medium-toned, muted, cool green

All depend on roof color choice.
I wish it were easier to add some pics, but I'm in my phone.

Best wishes. Nice house.
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Thanks for the ideas...good point on the roof color. How do you decide which roof color would be best??
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Liza Jane Interiors
Since you are using siding, I would go with a classic, neutral color. It will never go out of style. You can always paint window trim and doors if you want pops of color.
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take note of neighbors home colors, your roof color, your landscape likes. if your favorite flowers and shrubs are yellow, don't paint beige. think of your home as a backdrop for your landscape or landscape as the jewelry on the outfit. both are important and must work together.

a dark gray roof works well with most colors. browns are much more limiting.
one roof tip : the labor for an architectural roof is the same as a cheaper roof. but builders will try to charge much more. talk them down to only adding the higher material charge.

i like the choices of AMN. another would be white with black, dark green or charcoal trim.
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Roof color choice, if it is to be made by you, needs to be done first because that is more permanent than paint and--in many cases--even siding. Roof color choice should be something appealing to you and works within the neighborhood. Keep it neutral, of course.

A good starting point with roof colors is deciding between the main basics black, gray, brown. Pick the most versatile and the one you'll be likely to love for a long time.
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with a grey roof (blueish grey, maybe?) - what color options are OUT? (i am thinking about siding colors, as well)
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I also really like this one...thanks for the info re the roof. I think most of the houses on that road are neutrals, so I should probably stay within that palette, right?
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oh l like the photo of the gray and white for your house.
yes you want to stay in the same look as the neighborhood. you just don't want to paint just the same as the surrounding houses.
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what color would you say this siding is?
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I think they said it was pewter gray...
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they? can you get the brand and name of color? any paint store should be able to match it if it's a brand your builder doesn't use.
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I agree with a more earthy siding color. Here is an example with almost sage green against off-white trims.

Quiet Casual Home · More Info
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iwas in a sub'd. today with 2 houses similar to yours. i about the same as your gray photo but with a very pretty deep cream trim. the other was a putty color with the same cream trim. both houses had silver metal roofs only on the small porch. nice touch. you really can't go wrong with any of these choices.
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The Color People
Many good comments above. As to the style of the house, it is really open to conjecture it is not any historic style, it just references some elements of historic styles. Because you are using siding you have a real limited choice of colors. Most of any available color that you like would look good on the home's style. Be sure and use at least a mid tone color, like shown, or darker because a light color will make the house become voluminous. Also make sure to use an off white and not the cold white white most siding comes in. White is cold and glaring. An off white will make the house feel much more elegant and rich.

The dark roof is good. A dark roof always make a house a house look more solid and firmly planted on the ground, and thus, has a feeling of the home being more substantial. A light colored roof tends to make a house feel like it is floating and not firmly grounded so a house will feel it is of less quality. Light/dark from a heat/cold point of view really is irrelevant if the house's attic is well insulated. A charcoal roof though usually seems kind of cold and hard. Tamko makes a great color called Walnut which is a black brown. It is elegant but warm and goes with a lot of colors much better than charcoal. One other thing about the roof is avoid these over busy variegated color roofs that manufacturers are trying to foist on the public. A roof should just be there and complete the look of a home. it should not draw attention to itself which all these fancy shingle do to a bad end. If your outfit is is quiet and tasteful you don't wear a huge bright hat. It's the same thing.

Lastly, you might consider a punch color on the door to give the house a focus. To continue the dressing analogy, a punch color is like the tie on a man's suit. It brings everything together and you can create any kind of tone you like just like a club tie or a hawaiian print tie will effect the demeanor of your suit and make a statement about you.
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Thanks for all the great feedback! As for the 'they' I was referring to the frequently asked questions on the actual photo...the architect that worked on the house answered some questions. But I should put a question about the brand and actual name for sure. Definitely like the idea of painting the front door, just wondering what color we should use...I was wanting to go with a solid wood door with windows along the top, but the budget isn't working in that area :) Thanks again for the feedback!
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Like this door
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Jennifer Smith
I like the effect of the color gray more. It impose more classic with the house, specially with your style.
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Or this one
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stacy that door is craftsman style where as your house is traditional. do a little homework on styles.a stained door would look best. shop around. lowes, HD. you might even check architectural salvage places for good quality used doors to be refinished. habitat restores are a good source, you just have to hit it right as they get donations daily and good buys go fast.

have you chosen lighting yet? you'll want to be true to style there as well. if you haven't been to the lighting store, you might want to get ahead of it. builders allowances are usually woefully inadequate. know your allowance, work with the lighting consultant to figure bare minimums of what you have to have to light the entire house. then you can look for vintage chandeliers, pendants,etc in interior resale/antiques stores to mix with your new lighting. saves money and adds character.
ask about outdooor floodlights before the electrician comes. you want a double set on each corner of the house. if that's not in the allowance, see if you can negotiate paying a small add-on.
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
I love stacy79's creamy white-with the dark roof. Its gorgeous. Your house has nice symmetry so you don't need to put much color on it. Make it look classical and then do more classic landscaping in front with boxwoods and such.
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The Color People
Your front door is the Punch Color. A punch color is like a tie on a man's suit, it is what brings it all together. Similarly you can affect the demeanor of the suit (house) by the tie. A club tie will make you feel entirely different than if you were wearing a bright floral tie. And while people rarely remember the outside colors of the house when they go inside, they will remember the tone the house set. So in choosing your door color make sure it sets the same tone you have in the interior. One last thing make sure the door is in a high gloss finish- it looks wonderfully classy.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
All good comments above..but first choose your roof color..very neutral. All roof mfgs have a shade called "Weathered Wood"..it is the perfect roof color..it is not gray nor brown, nor is it light or dark. Goes with any paint/siding color. Choose the wall color of your choice, and I suggest all trim in a lighter or darker shade of the siding color.
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Is this a traditional style door?
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