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Help! Living room for young couple

tgb87February 21, 2013
We are a newly wed couple moving into a new house. We are now trying to furnish our living room.

What we have:

1) Curtains. We both agree that the curtains look too dark in the current setting. As expensive as they are ($350 with stiching), we are willing to replace them if they don't go with the rest of the room.

2) Iranian carpet. My mother gifted this beautiful Iranian rug.

3) Marble flooring. Carpet?

What we have borrowed (we can permanently 'borrow' if need be):

1) Sofa. It is uncomfortable and the upholstery was the cheapest my mom could find for my dorm room. We WILL change it.

2) TV cabinet. I like it. It goes with the marble flooring. My wife doesn't. She doesn't like the color of the polish. I have a matching larger cabinet that we could use. The polish can be changed.

What we need:

1) A table. The one in the picture couldn't bear my TV while it was there. It's an extra. We'll move it out soon.

2) Frames, furniture, aesthetic objects.

We had decided that we would use a turquoise color theme and we have already bought a few frames and pieces to go along.

Budget: $7500-$10,000
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Since most of this is gifted, what is both of your styles together? Would you like something more modern - more traditional - something that is more ornate and luxurious?
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If you could move the Iranian rug into the bedroom, one of these area rugs could work well with your curtains. Add a white or off white sofa/chair/loveseat and an entertainment unit. [houzz=
Amy Butler Hand-Tufted Wool Rug, Coventry · More Info
Mystic Collection Turquoise Rug · More Info
Parisian Loft Slipcovered Sectional · More Info
Chrystie Entertainment Center · More Info
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It's difficult to see the size of the Persian carpet. It looks a bit too small (at least that is how it appears in the photo). The color is nice if you want to keep it neutral, but since there is no much color going on in the room, I would go with the color scheme proposed by olldbobbi. It would go well with the existing drapes. The TV stand needs to be a lot larger and taller. To get more input, mention what you style is. Good luck!
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Worthington Millwork, LLC
Try a brown and turquoise or a turquoise and orange color theme, these would accent the rug that your mom gifted to you. Also add crown molding, this will help the elegance in the room!
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Thanks for all your replies. We were looking for something happy. A bright room with with a cozy and homely feel. Sorry if thats a bit too vague. The room still lacks color though with so much white even with the curtains.

As for the dimensions of the room and contents, the tv is 55inches. The room is a bit bigger than the impression given my the pics.
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I like the 'whiteness' of the space, but at the same time, I agree with adding some colorful accessories to warm up the room. The TV console is too small.

Project Pictures · More Info
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These are the sort of colors my wife appreciates and wants in the living room.
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If you want a cozier feel I would paint the walls a light shade of the turquoise that would work with the drapes to warm it up. I think a darker wood would work with that and lots of great suggestions above for what would work with what you have. Agree with others that the rug is most likely too small for this area and might work better in a bedroom. Your colors that you showed are very vibrant. I would consider looking for a rug with those kinds of colors that include turquoise and use those colors for art and decor.
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Looked at your colors again and I just wanted to add that if you wanted to keep the drapes, I would consider going with more of a cream color on the wall or a creamy gold color and getting a rug that is more in the cream range rather than the white. In looking at the colored plate that your wife likes, if you wanted to go more with a white background with bright colors, I don't think the drapes would work well with the white background. In that case, I would look for a rug with the brighter colors and drapes and other accents then pulled from the rug. Good luck!
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How would a light blue/turquoise wallpaper look on the two walls with the drapes and blinds?

Do you have any suggestions for what sort of TV cabinet would go with the room? I know a carpenter who is good at copying and has done a great job in my home-study. What colors? what finish? The cabinet would be more permanent as opposed to the drapes, walls and flooring which i could change in a few years.

Thirdly, a little more than half the room is covered by the sitting and TV area. A large part behind the sofa is largely empty and unutilized. Ideas?
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I think before you start focusing on wallpaper or paint, you need to find a style that you like and figure out the basic furniture first. Take a look at living rooms here on Houzz and find a style you would like and create an idea book so we have an idea of the look you want to achieve. Once you determine a style, I'm sure the creative people on here would love to help you do the room layout and accessorizing. I'm afraid that you will just start buying things and you will not have a cohesive look. You already have curtains that you think won't work and I wouldn't go any further until you have an idea of what style you like. I'm sure the folks here could help you in determining what would look best for a seating arrangement for your space.
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I like olldbobbi's suggesions. I would paint the walls a creamy gold. I tink the tv needs a large sized unit to take up the majority of that wall. A sectional would liike nice and balance it out. I agree that the rug appears too small for the space, it is gorgeous though. Maybe it can go in another area of the room? As for behind the couch, I would add a game table ; it will get more use than you might think. Keep furnishings neutral with classic lines and opt for pillows and other accessories in you color scheme. Tastes change over the years and it nice to be able to change with them.
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I agree with cani. We can help you with shipping If you are want to buy the furniture. Welcome to www.furniturenyc.net - online store for any budget.
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Hi everyone
Pls have a look at these and suggest if it would look nice incorporating one of these designs in some way possibly a sheet on the wall behind the tv.

Google " jali wood designs"
They are extremely beautiful and even though it going to be difficult to clean as we live in a dust prone atmosphere i really want to use these in anyway
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I think you're focusing on specific items in the room itself, but I think to start, it might help to get an idea of what you both like in terms of style in regard to the overall look of the room. I think HOUZZ is a good place to look at different styles of rooms to get ideas of different styles and how the entire room will look together. I would check in the "browse rooms" section and put in different criteria you like - for example the color turquoise or things you have - for instance marble floors if you want to keep them to get ideas of how an entire room will look with various items together. The jali wood designs are beautiful but would need to fit into an overall look of a room. Your drapes are very colorful and detailed but so style specific that the rest of the room would have to work with it. The good thing is for both of you to have an idea of various things you like and then I would start checking resources like HOUZZ to see how these items are used together.
Very often people work with neutral colors for the bigger items - the furniture and the wall color and base flooring and then add color and pattern in drapes, rugs and decor. Possibly the first thing you have to decide is whether or not you want to keep the marble floors or go with carpet. I would start pricing out various items, couches, chairs, carpets, rugs, possibly new drapes, a new television stand , and possibly tables and lamps to determine what the likely costs are for those items which you will need. Go furniture shopping together to see what styles you both like. I would do your research first to get an idea of how you want the whole room to look before you start purchasing and I would make sure you've budgeted for all of the necessities to get an idea of those costs, so you know your budget for some of the decorative items that might be more expensive, such as wallpaper or the jali wood designs. Good luck!
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I totally agree with emcz. I see that you have started an idea book with some wall units. I would love to see a large wall unit for your TV. That would give you the room to showcase nice decorative pieces as well. I think just getting a TV stand would look too bare against that whole wall. The jali wood you like could be used as a decorative piece on the wall somewhere else. I keep looking at your drapes and wondered what the view is and how much more light you would get into the room if they are pulled back and just hung as panels on each side of the window. Olldbobbie gave you some ideas of the basics you would need and you just need to find them in the style you like. You need to find the seating first as that will determine the shape and size of the rug you will need. Your rug will then dictate the colors in your room as you will be able to pull the colors from the rug for decorative pieces.
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Can you pls recommend a neutral polish or duco shade for the unit?
Ill have to have it custom made.

As for the rug, it is only a few days old and a very $$$$ gift so we are keeping it where it is.
There are lots if good shops here for afghan and persian rugs which have a wide variety of colours so we cam eventually change it after the room is set.

I think once the tv cabinet is set it will be easier to decorate the room and the furniture.

Also the marble flooring might be covered with carpet after a few years when we have kids and they start to walk :)

And i do agree with the tv stand not being proportional with the the size of the room.

Pls have a look at the daytime pics i have just posted.

The pool can only be seen when we stand at a distance of around two feet from the window.

This room is on the first floor.

Thanks again for all your help.
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I would leave the walls bright, just add some decoration of your preference (painting?photos? jali wood?) Those jali pieces are really nice and they deserve a separate space, not near the tv. And I quite like the tv cabinet - it's small, simple and does the job fine.
I also agree with what emcz stated, get a basic idea and try to stick with that. In terms of style and color scheme. Also choose less, but better - it is really easy to overcrowd the room with various items, especially with intricate patterns. For my perspective - one (or a few) of my beanbags could serve both as seating and decoration. (Probably the white one)

Due. Bean Bags · More Info
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You said your wife likes those bright colors so I think white would be your best bet for a wall unit. I saw one here on houzz that I loved and am trying to copy and paste it here. I could so envision your Jali wood on another wall with that wall unit. I'll try to find it for you. Do you have a separate dining area? I'm asking because you have all that empty space behind your couch and if you don't have a dining room maybe a small eating area could be incorporated there.
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Forgot to ask you - do you have room that is completed that you like so we can see what style you like?
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Aja Mazin
The draperies are lovely~!
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None of yhe rooms have been completed yet, we did make a white unit for our study which still has some workto be done

I am uploading a pic of that

Behind the couch we have glass doors adjoining the passage

We have a common dining area downstairs and hopefully a small table in our pantry when it is done
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current home · More Info
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Very nice wall unit. It looks totally contemporary except for the trim work on the very top. Can I make a suggestion since the unit is still being worked on? I love the glass shelves but I was going to suggest that the carpenter make you a wood shelf as well that you could interchange with the glass if you ever needed it. I was thinking if you decide to put a lot of books on the bottom shelves that the wood might be better for the weight. Now look up white wall units on houzz in the search and see if there is anything you like that your carpenter could copy. When you pick one for your living room, I would have the carpenter put some lighting in it. I tried to get the one I liked to show you but can't figure out how to copy it on here.
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The rug looks too small for the room. How about displaying it on a wall if you must have it in the room?
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Yes the rug is actually not that big, but i think it looks even smaller because the room is completely empty.
We will add a sofa maybe three seater and a chair wihich will fill up the room along with a few units on the main wall and the sides.
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Try a warm sunny but muted wall color like benjamin moores golden tan - see http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/goldentan - it will stand up to the strong turquoise that you love and both white and wood look great against it. You can hang the carpet because it is to be an heirloom (story for mom) and is so beautiful to look at. It is 1/5 the size of carpet that would be right for this room. You can go for something that looks like sisal but is soft on the feet - more practical now.

Make a plan and then acquire things instead of just buying things - if you approach things that way then hire a designer now to give you a cohesive color story for your space. Find one piece of inspiration art that you love. Function wise, you will need a desk to store important papers, and a secretary with storage above is really useful and classically beautiful. A round pedestal table with a few upholstered chairs are nice for gatherings, where elders can sit more comfortably and you can serve appetizers. Eventually, you can add a pair of comfortable armchairs as well. This is a place where you can go for something classic like bergere chairs to satisfy the need for something more formal - get the ottomans too. Your room is large enough to set up a coffee tray on a wide chest, with elements ready for guests.

Working from your new curtains, which are lovely when layered together, I think the color story of dijon, turquoise and so forth can be carried throughout the space. Look for a long sofa in a muted aqua - you will want to layer different shades of this favorite blue-green. Steer clear of any blue that doesn't have a touch of green in it - to help advance your favorites, layer from colors they describe now as porcelain blue, spa blue, aqua, turquoise, teal, even the jewel toned peacock blue in very small accents will begin to make your room feel rich. - You can layer the gold too - from buttercream, to dijon, to sisal, to baskets, to hickory - using many layers of color tones from your basic elements will work to advance your color story and help it make sense. Golden oak or hickory wood finishes will echo these, but also very dark stained wood will make a beautiful contrast.

Congratulations on your marriage!
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I did ask the carpentar about wood which was my preferred choice as well, ps the brown patch is hiding a breaker and still needs to be painted

So he said the wood wont be able to hold a lot of weight and i did not reallt know much so i went with glass

But would you know any technique of covering the desk with a thin wooden layer somehow?
As the white is getting a bit dirty
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Those shelves are very wide with little support. Take a look at some of the wall units on houzz and how they are built. If he divided the top part with a piece of wood running vertically it would really reinforce it. You wouldn't be wasting any materials as the glass could just be cut. I would be worried setting anything on it the way it is now. As far as your desk, you could have a piece of glass cut.
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