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Design Dilemma

need help with colour scheme for my sofa and living room!!! emergency

aprilbenson1February 23, 2013
hi, please can you help me on my sofa!I love the sofa but I don't know what to do with the colour scheme, any ideas? my house is small and fairly new built in England, so a traditional style might not go with the rest of the house. thank you
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Oooh love the Chesterfield!!
This demands a library feel - but as your house is modern you can make it contemporary.

I think you already have your palette there on your sofa - but mix up leather, tartan, paisley and brass elements in an unsual manner:

I see a paisley design feature wall and brass library lamps and a semi modern piece of art - with the rest painted in a warm cinnamon orange to bring out the sofa (and bring warm light into the room in the day and at night).

You need to change the carpet as it looks blue or teal which doesn't go. What can you put down? Wood, carpet - if it is wood, some nice old oak (looking) panels.

If you could find it,a shot of burnt cinnamon tartan on an ottoman or chair would work well and give it a shot in the arm. The rest of the accents should be in muted browns and greens. So your other chairs could be in olive or green tweeds but your coffee table could be something very modern (like clear perspex, or a modern brass trunk?

Lots of ideas - and I am sure many more to come.....
All the best with this project
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oh thanks, your comments really helped me but im wanting to try some thing else out rather than red again< any other ideas??
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do you think blues would work?
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Sorry the reason why I mentioned the orange is it makes the green stand out. If you don't want to go that way, go for soft blues - like a duck egg blue...
This colour wall and again introduce tartans and paisleys but using muted greens and
Lake Travis Guesthouse · More Info

Here is an idea for feature wallpaper (1 strip)
below are exactly the colours I have in mind to go with the Chesterfield.
A lovely rug... in a bold paisley design such as this would tie it together and give it a contemporary punch - but it is a bold move
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Lydia (Kazza Design)
Love the Chesterfield and the colour is gorgeous!!!! I would put wall paper on one wall and paint the other walls almost the same colour as the couch. Not sure where the couch is going though.
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Dar Eckert
AVS interiors love the paisley rug with the libht blues but either of your suggestions would be lovely.
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Jayme H.
Is the carpet blue?
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Jayme H.
A rug like this...maybe tie the blue and green together with art, accessories like an ottoman
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Jayme H.
Not necessarily the correct style furniture..this was for color reference ideas..rug..
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A very masculine design and yes a library or notary office feel . I like the mural idea and the tartan pillows or a toile like this one for example to give it a bit of character http://www.decorativefabricsdirect.com/Covington_BOSPORUS_BILLARD_Fabric_p/190613.htm
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Serra Design Inc

Stay in Tradition you are in the most beutiful part of the world, where charm reigns supreme. Go with an Essex English country garden theme. Here is where I would turn to Ralph Lauren Home Collection to assist you in making decisions. I would use a Tartan plaid wallpaper in a classic pattern
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Lydia (Kazza Design)
I prefer eclectic so I would definitely stay away from the predictable traditional style. Think India-inspired English style. India did once belong to England so why not bring some of that influence in your decor.
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I am just wondering if the pillows that are currently on the sofa are the pillows you use. If so, I would suggest that you get new throw pillows and change them to white with maybe gray accents. As for the blue carpeting I think that you should change it to a darker wooded hard wood floor. For the walls I believe that you should keep them white, adding some modern wall art to go with the newer style of house. As an example please note the attached photo. I think something along the design in the picture would compliment the whole room.
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Just wondering @susanaartitena is your comment referring to mine because I am just a beginner and I feel I have an interesting style choice. No offense intended but just wondering.
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All advice give. Is so great! So thank you!
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I'm trying to find something new and exciting for my room to go with this sofa,
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No, Erdmajar. All opinions are welcome on Houzz. Yes, you do have "interesting style choice". My post disappeared. Checking to see if anything will go through. Pictures won't but ???? Did. Hmmmm.
April, we would like to help you. Perhaps if you define "new and exciting", or give us a better idea of your style, we could get closer for you. I will remove my earlier posts to make space.
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I like the idea of a striking wallpaper with the green in it, used on one wall or on "panels" framed in molding.
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Carolyn Garvie
Love the aqua wall covering with the deer . Who does this?
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Oh I understand my apologies. @Susanna Artistea
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Carolyn: barnaby gates makes the wallpaper
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Here you go - i think you need to lose the copper tones - too opposite the leather.

Once the whole room is done, you might be able to bring them back as accents, but for a while, you need 70% blue, 30% green and then possibly the copper can come back to play in winter at 10%.
The carpet being blue, you need to add lots of sky blue and find art and pillows immediately that reference the blues and greens from nature.

The chesterfield can work fab with a modern look.

Stain over your coffee table in a muted green hue (stain not paint - see green tea here http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/stains-color-guide/ ) and then layer in blue throws, and immediately add some modern print pillows for punch / to pull the eye towards the color story

Add two ikea chairs covered in denim blue covers - buy their idemno dark blue but then add bleach to the first round and get them down to a faded blue look - look for a stonewash treatment guide on the internet, for instance.

Go search out Canada's group of seven in images and get some prints or digital printed canvas of Varley, Lawren Harris or Emily Carr to tie in great art and modern lines.

Important thing to note is that your blue carpet is true blue,not aqua or spa blue which is often shown with greens. So, be very careful to purchase only true sky blue / marine blue / denim blues when you are layering / selecting accents and wall colors.

I would paint the walls mid-tone blue - there are so many pretty porcelains but be strong with tone - something like this - http://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-family/SW6499-stream/

Paint every frame you want to use in the space platinum / silver and buy some sparkling mercury glass / mirrored / shiny aluminum objects / nambe bowls. Add white flowers. White trim and doors. White shades on white lamps. White curtains.

When you need to add, stick to the palette - silver, white, forest/green tea, true blues of all hues. The green sofa will be a star and your room will be amazing.
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