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Design Dilemma

Confined Master Bathroom

laurenphamFebruary 23, 2013
Although our master bathroom is 12’ x 12’, it feels confined due to an undesirable narrow walkway as seen in the picture as you walk in. In its current layout, the entry way is bordered by the linen closet and the toilet cubby. We would like to create an open feel as you enter the room and prefer, if possible, to see a nice vanity when the door is open. Though there is an existing tub, we are open to removing it if it would improve the layout. We have a proposed layout and would appreciate any feedback. Are there any other amenities that could be added to improve the bathroom? Please note that the heavy darkened walls in the drawing refer to weight bearing walls for the staircase and cannot be moved or changed. It is where the current linen closet is located
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Definitely looks more spacious with the new layout. Not sure about the gap between the window and vanity.
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Thanks Dytecture for the comment. We left a gap because of how low one the existing window goes which is where the tub is located. Would anyone suggest raising the window so that the vanity goes all the way to the edge of the wall?
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Would a seating area below the window next to the linen closet make sense? What else could we add to this space to make the master bathroom more functional? Thoughts anyone please?
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I am not sure, but could you not try something more radical like drawing your vanities forward and placing a walk in shower behind. This would keep your vanity away from the window and use the space. The wall where you have currently placed your vanity - would be the walk in and the entrance would be by your window.
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A Crew of Two
Ok, you have some unused space and I never agree with removing a tub on the basis of resale value. You may not use a tub, but down the road if you ever sell someone else will miss it.
I would spend the money and replace both windows. You are already into it- go for it. Remove the window that is currently over the vanity. The reason I want this window out is, from the pic, it appears the window on the right is bringing in the natural light. Replace the other window with something narrower. You will have to deal with siding, but for the investment you will gain so much usable square footage. Keep the vanity where it is and replace the tub with a freestanding one- they take up less space. (And the view from your master bedroom would be of a luxurious tub and shower.) This should allow you to have a nearly 6 ft. vanity which is more than long enough. The other option is to do the windows as mentioned, put the tub where the toilet is- this would allow you to have a completely glass surround shower- put the vanity where you have it in your plan and put the toilet where your current vanity is. Please post pics when you are done- bathroom redos are my favorite.
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Thank you for your comments. ASVInteriors, we like the idea of trying something radical, but we prefer a larger vanity, and couldn’t arrange it so that there was enough depth to the bathroom. Kklinton, thank you for your comment about removing the windows. By doing so, we think the space is much better utilized. What does everyone think of our new layout?
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A Crew of Two
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A friend of mine commented that our edited floor plan may make the shower too large in comparison to the tub. We will likely use the shower most of the time and the tub once in a long while. Does anyone else have a different opinion?
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Hi carolins. I really liked your input and suggestions for our master bedroom layout that had lots of windows. Do you have any feedback for our master bathroom? Thanks!
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I don't know why you need a door/cubby for the toilet. Why can't it be all open: there is a door to the room anyway for privacy....? Or do a half wall that only comes up about 3-4ft high.
I would remove the cubby wall and put a roller hutch style door on the linen cupboard too so you don't need as much room for the doors to have opening clearance.
Make sure all your windows can open and are not fixed panes: ventilation!!!
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A Crew of Two
the wall and door allow two people to use the bathroom at the same time
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LOL, that must be another one of those 'American' style things vs Aussie style. To be honest, my husband and I don't use the door on our toilet, and there isn't one for our ensuite room, our bedroom and ensuite bathroom is open plan. We're married and we shower together so what difference does seeing your other half on the toilet make? It's not as though you spend that much time in there anyway...

Then again, we have a second toilet that is separate to our main bathroom which enables the two person usage for guests, but if this is an ensuite I don't see the point.
Calling it a "master bathroom' is not a term we would use. It would either be the ensuite (attached to the master bedroom) or the main bathroom which would be for other family members and visitors. I am under the imprression this is an ensuite. If it were a main bathroom that would not be enough privacy for two people to use at the same time that weren't 'together'. That would just be weird. It has walls that don't go all the way up to the ceiling and you could hear the other person as they 'tinkle'. If I don't know you intimately, I don't want to hear you, or worse, have you hear me.
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LOL dragonflii32. The shower is okay for us to share but we would still prefer our privacy when it comes to the toilet! Thanks for your suggestions!
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