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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Tricky entryway wall - design help needed!

hpsandiegoFebruary 23, 2013
We have a nice open space/wall in the living room that I can't figure out how to decorate the wall space. We laid down a penny floor as you come in from the front door, so we don't want to cover it with any furniture, so the only spot I'd consider something on the ground is where the trunk is currently (nothing in the picture needs to stay - it was just temp). Last consideration is that the front door opens against the wall, so nothing can be there that sticks out very far. The rest of the room colors are light gray walls, tan, cream, jute, honey, reclaimed wood, and a little black in the other travel trunk we are using as a coffee table.

I'd love some help with something that will have a nice focal point and pull the wall together and help balance it.
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HI -- A small shallow console table or floating shelf with a mirror above where the trunk is now . The area of wall above the tiled area needs nothing or just a big painting .
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All 4 Show, LLC
Global Living / Bluefish Home - Showroom · More Info
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All 4 Show, LLC
If you use a narrow console table, like the above pic, just to the left of the door acting as a room divider, (at least from the view of the living space) that area wouldn't look bare. Maybe wall paper on the wall can help add some interest and at the same time delineate that space from the living are too! Good luck...
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Two tall open bookshelves placed on the wall behind the door will help define the room as two separate entities. Also placing a wardrobe at the front entrance will give you somewhere to hang your coats, shoes, etc.
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Alicia Paley Home Interiors
It seems like you have a rustic/vintage look going. Why not hang a large hand-made quilt or a cool graphic, woven blanket?
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Love that floor! Wow what a project. It really looks neat. I would play up on that theme since it is the entryway theme!

Buy several foam ceiling tiles in different patterns you like. Paint them copper colored and distress with black paint in details over the top applied with steel wool and lightly rubbed off here and there. Here is a place you can buy them if you don't want to DIY.


Hang the panels over the console (in place of the low trunk). I like the trunk but I think it is the wrong scale for the space.

I would not want to cover that copper floor either! I would probably make a rustic wood ring panel and add some coat hooks to it, and hang it on the wall where door swings open.

Beautiful space! :D
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Anyes Galleani Art
you could move the trunk toward the middle of the wall, clear of the door, then hang a piece of art, sightly wider than the trunk, just above. The large art above the trunk will make a statement rather than maybe hanging smaller personal photographs which, in my opinion, belong in a more private area of the home.
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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I love the trunk, but I think you are right - it's too big/bulky for the space. I like the idea of something smaller there instead and I'll find another location for the trunk. And thanks for the compliments on the penny floor! We really love it :) I know this picture is pretty bad - I took it in the evening with my cell phone. Other than the fact that we don't want to hide any of the floor, another reason I don't want to put furniture on that section is I'm afraid the epoxy over the pennies would dent.. .
Do you think the room needs a boost of color? Or keep with the neutral colorings that we have in the rest of the room? We do have different textures, so it's not too boring, but definitely neutral. Which in a way, I like - it's peaceful. If I did frames in a collage is the black too heavy looking on the wall?
As far as a wardrobe/coast hanging area, we do have a separate coat closet and so I'd like the keep the area clean and presentable/more formal - and living in mild San Diego, we only need the closet.
I love the idea of wallpaper - and I've seen some beautiful patterns, I just don't know if I want to go to all that trouble. hmmm....
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Wallpaper over painted walls can be a lot of work. Just depends on how much texture you have. Here is an article that outlines the steps.

So many different directions you can go with an entry way! Paint techniques/stripes etc...

I like the black frames, but I would pick white mats.
Also check out wall stickers, I know it sounds cheesey but they are very cool looking now and are really easy to use. Check out http://www.dezignwithaz.com/ they have all kinds of great ideas. You can even get a very lightweight mirror from them. Many designs and you can pick the color and reverse image and sizes, the best thing is they come right off and no wall prep to install. Post some pics as you go, I can't wait to see that floor better! :D
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rawketgrl - you just gave me a new idea for somewhere else - I love the old door plates. :)

Here are some better pictures of the space (and penny floor). In the pic that shows the front door and what's to the left of it - and the window, we actually removed an entire wall there to "open up the room". The wall was the entire length of the penny floor and all the way to the ceiling. yuck. cave experience.
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EB Interiors
I would def put a beautiful textured wallpaper to add color and interest to that wall and make it a focal wall.
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argh - I just read the link where it's hard to wallpaper over textured walls - maybe stencil would work better... unless I had the urge to remud over...
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Modern Age Designs, LLC

I would change the light fixture first because at present the reflection of the glass on the wall is creating shadows on the wall. You might want to consider a nice oil rubbed bronze flush light that does not reflect the light as it does now.
Secondly you can have a nice half moon console table that is just as wide as that trunk and over it you could have beautiful painting or tapestry that has all the colors from the rest of the room and few accessories.
You can visit my www.pinterest.com/MADesignsLLC to see examples of Tapestries, Paintings, Mirrors and accessories to get some ideas.

I hope this helps.
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oooooooohh...I LOVE the pennies. Great color and texture. Neat-o! Find some coppery stuff to carry this on.... it really looks smart against that gray. Nice job. I saw a bathroom floor like this once it was pretty cool also.
I found some neat copper vases at Lamps Plus. Maybe a few on the narrow console table with a lamp and a cool mirror over.
Or if you find something you like that isn't the right color... there is pretty nice copper paint out there...Rust-Oleum makes a good one. Have fun! :D
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