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Ideas please...with a BIG Texas Smile

ebreezyFebruary 24, 2013
I need a complete overhaul. I would like a warm inviting space. I use the area near the window as an office and otherwise its a dining room. I don't want to sacrifice style for function I would like merge the two.
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Interiors International, Inc.
A buffet that converts to a desk would hide the clutter and look good when dining.
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Is your budget for paint and curtains or for new furniture, rug, lighting? Is the room used daily for several hours as an office and twice a year as a dining room? Or for an hour as an office and daily as a dining room?
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I run a small business from home so it's used as an office for a couple hours during the day. My family uses it daily and I entertain often..but I will be hosting more family functions. I am budgeting for window treatments,paint,fixture and wall art. So I'm pretty much open for suggestions.
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Here's another photo
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Barbara Griffith Designs
What is on the end where you are standing to take the picture??
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It opens to the living room
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I'd recommend looking for a light fixture first, then wall art and curtain panels or Roman shades, if you like the latter. Paint color follows from the wall art. You definitely need a strong new curtain rod with much larger diameter. New panels could be ceiling to floor length for a fashionable look. If you get new miniblinds, try matching their color to the trim or the new paint. The cute wall curio might be better in a kitchen, if you are going for a more formal sophisticated look. I do like the mirror you have. Overstock.com has a lot of great chandeliers and pendants and some curtain panels.

If you have extra budget, using some nice dark containers for your office supplies will make the space look sharper and more organized. Pick a color that nearly matches your desk. If you buy an extra box with lid, you can dash all the desktop stuff in it before entertaining. Look at Target if the Container Store is too expensive.
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Love the idea of buffet that converts to desk. Find a piece of art that speaks to you and draw from that the colors for your curtains and wall color.
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Here's a different view but with a little person in it..
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I'm so unsure of the paint because the open floor plan. Or maybe just paint the large wall with the mirror and use the dividing wall for art? Or should I go all the way and paint the entire room? I am loving the input,this is totally new for me.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I think you need to first address how best to have your office space that works for you yet works in your dining room. I don't know how much wall space you have at the end of the long wall near the windows that could be devoted to the office. It would be best if everything could be hidden when you want it to be. My daughter's home office is in an armoire that closes and another piece to house more "stuff". Look at some of these pieces to see if they could be on the 2 walls by the windows. http://www.hayneedle.com/furniture/computer-armoires_list_181763 An upholstered chair on wheels could sit between them.

If that works, I would suggest a colorful rug under the table and 3 drapery panels (95/96") hung high and to the wall, plus one panel in the middle. Add a patterned fabric on your dining chairs. And a light fixture that is large..many lights..but simple and modern in design http://www.lightingdirect.com/forte-lighting-2374-09-contemporary-modern-32wx34-5h-9-light-chandelier/p1232543
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Thanks Barbara I will definitely look into getting a type of armoire or buffet. But right now its not in my budget. I'm thinking Of a golden and black color scheme or pattern for the fabric Or fluerdelis type fabric. Or something ornate. I am wondering whats your take on the triple ring mirror?
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So you want to keep on a strict budget. How about Hanging a Curtain Rod three to four feet or so in front of the windows that you can close off your office when you entertain. It has to be heavy duty and go wall to wall.. Just Curtain off you entire office and make it an alcove with tie backs and whatever lush fabric you like. Even do a double rod with sheers to keep it from getting heavy. When you are dining nobody will really realize the office is there but you.
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Ikea also makes sliding panels that you could hang from the ceiling to use when you entertain. I cannot tell the depth of the room but hang them so they conceal your desk. Truly I think you will be amazed at what moving those curtains forward into the room will do. Keep some blinds and you can hang just one blind over both those windows to widen that space when the curtains are open.
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Maybe you should take a look at a secretary desk. It hides the paperwork and other office related products and it would go pretty well with the dinning room. Depending on your overall style, you can pick whichever works for you. Here is an example http://www.jacksonvillefurnituremart.com/Item.aspx?ItemID=1406037361&ItemNum=339-762
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Smiling about the cute little person.

Loving the bench and the mirror(s).

Okay, I'm going to throw a couple of ideas to you. Feel free to chuck them in the bin if they won't work for you :-)
I was thinking: moving the office space and the dining table around, so the dining room will be near the window. You could perhaps place the bench against the wall, so there'll be more space behind the chairs. Not sure if the dining table will then be in the way of the opening in the wall where I'm guessing the kitchen is?

Where the dining table is now, you could for instance place one of those computer armoires that Barabara Griffith suggests. I'm worried that if you put one of those near your window, it will block too much light. But perhaps not.

If that won't work, you'll need a workspace under the window that offers more storage. Ikea has perhaps some good solutions for you. Check out the Expedit line from Ikea, or Hemnes which has more of a dining room feel.

If you browse rooms and look under 'home office, it will maybe inspire you.
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Thanks Lizbeth that is doable. What do you think about lighting?
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Any ideas on how to tie the mirror into the scheme of things..? I am definitely open to going to check out the line at Ikea. You guy's are awesome!
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I like the mirror..but it may be too formal for the rest of the room. The scale seems good though. Maybe paint the frame black gloss to make it pop just a little.
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Barbara how about a damask type pattern to bring the mirror out? I could definitely see the mirror in a different color. It was my late mothers and I just held on to it. So that would definitely add a bit of a pop to it.
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Add trim to the two windows and treat as one. Hang rod above the new trim and I would stay with simple floor length panels in a fabric that allows them to be pulled back, almost off each window when open. Lighting will be all important...cannot over power the small space but needs to add some character . I agree...mirror adds light and width to the room ...maybe more mirror..less frame on one, rectangular piece. Bones first then tackle color, flooring and furnishing changes.
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Mark Harpe
I would consider playing off the rectilinear space itself. There are some great ideas here: especially the desk that is otherwise a side board. I would find a long linear table and thin chairs, a rectangular light fixture and add two large mirrors or mirror walls to make it feel open. Your side board to buffet should be custom. Leave the windows alone unless privacy is an issue.
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Thankyou everyone for the feedback. You all have given me a renewed since of hope. Because my decorating sense wasnt anywhere to be found.If you guys think of anything you may want to add feel free! I was definitely feeling overwhelmed because the room leaves much to be desired.... :-)
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ebreezy, I think with a little effort you can make this room shine. I looked at your ideabooks and think you should trust your instincts on the light fixture. I am guessing you want to dress it up a bit but without seeing the rest of house can't say if you should go more mod/contemporary or traditional. Do put it on a dimmer if that is not already done and it needs to be hung lower than the current fixture.

I do want to see one large blind that covers both of the windows first. Does not have to be fancy. Can be bamboo or wood slats or anything, just needs to one big one.

How high is your ceiling? Cause I would love your curtains to come from the ceiling. Are you anywhere near a Restoration Hardware Outlet? They sell long and oversize wide panels that are lovely and affordable at the Outlet. Check their online site for the look.
Keep browsing on here. Post photos as you make progress. Take care.

Here is the link to Restoration Drapes Page. Lovely ideas but spendy indeed.http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/category/products.jsp?link=BrushedCottonTwillDrapery&categoryId=cat1760008
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You know what would also help us: if you post photos of your living room (assuming you like what you have there ;-)) so we can see what style will flow nicely into your dinging room and what you like. Do you need or want to paint the room too?

Sometimes you can make a room look so much better by just tweaking some little things. For instance: my own living room. A couple of weeks ago I finally put a large tray on my coffee table and put the remote control, the coasters, reading glasses, you know... the little stuff that was just lying around on the table, and a vase with flowers in there and you wouldn't believe what a difference it made to the whole feel of the room. Amazing for such a simple solution.
So, de-cluttering your workspace and your windows, adding some nice lamps (wouldn't add a rug, you don't need it), some nice art (browse www.etsy.com) will make your room feel so much better. You can take it one step at a time.
Keep us posted please and if you have doubts/questions throw them at us :-)
Good luck!
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Well here's a snapshot of my livingroom. I removed the coffee table and lamps. My 3 year old wreaked havoc with the lamps. It was impractical,but I kept the end tables to store games and photo albums underneath. I'm not sure about color selection.because I' d like to have the colors compliment both spaces.
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Hi, just found this on the Pottery Barn website. Could be inspirational for you:

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Thanks Carolins, any suggestions on paint? I have a fixture also that I found on an online classified here in Houston. I absolutely love the fixture.
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The room looks very long and narrow. It seems to cramped with a dining table, desk, and file cabinet. I would remove the desk and make a long table/island with storage below to use as a work space and dining. Possible some Ikea cabinets below that have pull-out for file storage, and a dark wood countertop. Have 2 small chadeliers over the table. Replace the blinds with french shades or draped - something with a pattern.
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Paint suggestions are often very difficult, because depending on light. colours can vary so much.

I was thinking a light blueish grey, but you'll have to do try-outs in the room and look at them in different lights to see what really works.

Calm Paint · More Info

and if a warmer shade appeals to your more
Mayonnaise OC-85 Paint · More Info

But I'm going for light colours, because your rooms seem a bit on the dark side. Which has probably something to do with the photos being taken at night ;-)
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Why not have a buffet with a pull out tray under the window? One large enough to hold all of your office equipment, supplies, etc. that can be closed up when not in use for business. You'll probably need a stool rather than a chair, but the buffet could work well for both work and entertaining.
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