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Kitchen Remodel - Layout Options

barton914February 24, 2013
I need some feedback on two possible kitchen layouts. I created floor plans in google sketchup.
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Where are the sink & dishwasher in drawing #1? Ample counter space is needed on each side of the sink. Not sure drawing #2 allows for that. That is one BIG fridge! Consider replacing with a counter depth style.
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Drawing #1
This is a more functional plan.
It is inconvenient that the traffic must pass through the work triangle to get to the dinette area.

Drawing #2
has too little space between the refrigerator and the the sink cabinet. Check the door swing at 90 degrees to see how much room is required to open the door. The walk between the refrigerator and the cabinets should be no less than 36" but really this is a major walkway between the kitchen and dinette area so you should be looking at more like 42".

You need to allow landing space on either side of the sink. You should have at least 18" on one side and 24" on the other side of the major sink.

The dishwasher may need a 3/4" spacer on the left, depending on the height of the baseboard coming into it.

There should be a minimum of 3' between the chair and structure behind it in order to pull it out and remove oneself.

It is a drawback that traffic is directed through the work triangle to get to the dinette area.
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This is not a kitchen plan. I have not dimensioned anything but it's something for you to play with in your drawing program. If you have 36" between the island and the counter this will work. This would allow traffic to be diverted around the work area. By switching your dinette area to the other side of the room you would have more space for it. The desk is narrower but you could put a corner on it and pull it down the east wall a little.
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
what a difference a pro eye makes... well done eagledzines!
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Yes Eagleszines plan is the most functional. Poster no 1, has no landing area for fridge and fridge is going to look like a giant whale there, sorry. Hallway too narrow as well.

No 2 is awkward, clearances are too small and no cabinets for dishes within reach of sink.
Stoves need counters on both sides and fridges need countertops as well. dishwashers need a place within reach to place siiverware and dishes.

I may flip the range/sink/dish washer on eaglzines but the basic floor plan traffic flow makes sense to me.
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Thank you everyone! It is a very long narrow room. We are trying to reuse the appliances we have to keep the cost down. The fridge has French doors and a freezer drawer. I like the idea of an island. I will play around with the concept in sketch up and repost.
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Lizabeth, good point on the hallway into the kitchen being too small and the switch.

Here is an idea that would fix the entrance, add some pantry space and minimize the HVAC chase.

Either will work but Lizabeth's point about making the switch in range/sink/dishwasher is a good one because it's nice to have the sink central to the range and refrigerator. Where you decide to put the range/sink/dishwasher would depend also on where your outside wall is, where the windows are and whether there are any floors above you and if so, is there anywhere that a chase could go for venting or whether you wanted to vent it above or in a soffit. If the range is on an exterior wall it can vent directly out, but that isn't always the best for the layout.

When you are measuring distances between, make sure you are measuring counter to counter, not cabinet to cabinet.
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Eagledzines design is what I would do as well....though I wouldn't stop there if the counter is open to the dining room and the plan is for some bar stools. For me in the kitchen while I have people over, they are ALWAYS in the kitchen with me. I need seating. banquet seating to me is cumbersome and poorly accessible, I have to scoot in/out and ask people to get up and out of the way. Plus it is in the back far away from prep area - I would prefer to stand near the person in the hallway getting in other people's way as they get drinks.

So if you have a dining room, a kitchen table AND bar stools, a home doesn't need three eating areas - something I see a lot. I would take the table/banquet out and widen the peninsula with more seating. Lost cabinet space is reclaimed where the table was and you can probably make a much nicer/larger pantry toward the back, getting a larger access to kitchen from dining since that front pantry is eliminated. This assumes the areas to the right of the kitchen are outer walls - not indicated.

I should also say what's the desk for? A desk next to a table? A larger peninsula might serve double (or should I say triple) purpose here. More space. The future holds paperless mobile computing, not cumbersome waste of space desks. I prefer spaces that are multi function. I have a home business and work on my laptop in the dining room or kitchen. My kid does her homework and stuff in a different place every day...think about 5-10 yrs from now. tablets and laptops outsell PCs 4 to 1 today. People watch more tv on their mobiles and tablets/ipads than tv sets. tech is changing so fast a space designed for one function will be a dated dinosaur in 5 yrs. (all my opinion)
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I made some updates based on all the great comments. I think the flow is much better (not through the kitchen work triangle). I expanded the plan so that you can see how the kitchen relates to the dining room and living room. I am essentially opening up the living area and creating a great room. I am attaching a photo of what I am thinking for the 2'-9" x 6' work table. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Make your work table only 36" high - same as your counter - otherwise, it's too tall to work at while standing.

And if possible, give yourself a full width sink - ~32", usually in a 36" base cabinet. Much more useful, I find.
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Do you know the make and model # of your refrigerator?
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It's an LG - l believe the model # is LFX28978ST
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In short: Large modern kitchen with bar on left side. Sink below window. Range on the right. Full height cabinets where the frigde is. Fridge in opening, so depth is equal to cabinets. No upper cabinets above countertop.
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On the plan you inquired about:
There isn’t any room for the seating as planned on the island. It’s too tight. There should be 3’ behind a chair and more if space is needed for walking behind the chair.

It’s acceptable to have a smaller sink as long as there is a dishwasher.

Have you accounted for ½” sheetrock on the walls or will there be a different application anywhere?

With suggested plan:
You can change to a 36” sink if you wish. Leave at least a ¾” overhang on the island on the HVAC chase side and 1-1 ½” on the other three sides.

If you did not If you did not account for ½’ sheetrock, reduce the width of the island accordingly.
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Ref allowances including air space and room for plug in back (Since this is so deep, I would recess the plug). width=36", height=70 3/4" (make sure your floor is level is your tolerances are going to be exact, depth=36 3/8". I would use a 29"-30" refrigerator panel and pull the cabinet overhead forward. This panel will come to the edge of the refrigerator cabinet (29" from the wall, 30" from the plug). Consider adding a refrigerator panel on the right edge as well for looks. The three wall cabinets to the right of the refrigerator are a set. The two ends can go down to the counter with the middle the same as the other cabinets in the kitchen or it too can go down to the countertop but the two ends are deeper. This will make the deep refrigerator blend in better.

The walkway from the stairs to the kitchen should line up. The kitchen wall on the hall side should end at the point the right wall of the stairs ends.

This will make the space feel larger. I've added a pantry on the right of the HVAC to line up with the stair well.
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