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Help needed with Bathroom/Laundry layout

mparmoFebruary 25, 2013
Hello everyone
So im about to move onto my last room renovating and its my tiny bathroom/Laundry, as you can see from the pics there's not much room.

What i am thinking of doing is removing the small vanity and the laundry tub completely and having a custom built vanity made high enough to cover a small front loader washing machine and have it run from the corner where the laundry sink is now to somewhere past where the washing machine is now.
The vanity will hold the washing machine and have a sink, with a large mirror above.

I am completely stripping the room first so there will be all new tiles, For the shower i will just have a glass screen maybe just down one side, ill also be adding a cavity slider to the internal door to save room.

The toilet will stay where it is.

Can anyone give me there opinions on any other ways to lay out the room? I think doing away with the laundry sink is my only option to keep the room open.

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any ideas would be much appreciated
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the white door is that a cupboard or a door to a bedroom???
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Manon Floreat
If you could rotate the toilet 90 degrees, you could run a counter along next to it. Under the counter, you could store your W/D. Opposite the W/D, you could have a pedestal sink. The W/D treatment is illustrated below. Also attached is a rough sketch of the arrangement.

Waikiki Chic · More Info
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The door next to the toilet...is that necessary, or just the way the room evolved? I ask, because putting a cabinet there will hinder the door opening. If closing up that doorway isn't possible, you'll need to look at rehinging it. Or a bifold..
Basically, I think you really need to be sure of measurements. Is there a dryer? What about a taller cabinet to hold a stack?
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this is what i invisioned while reading your post!!! do you use the big sink a lot??if you do try to find a way to incorperate it!!!am trying to come up with a different layout,so another Q do both sinks have hot/cold water supplies?
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wow thanks for all the reply's.

The door that leads to outside will have to stay as its the only other door in the unit to get outside.

The other door leads into the hallway.

I don't have or use a dryer but the unit will probably be a rental property within a couple of years.
I also don't really use the laundry sink much and could do without, i just want to try and keep it as open as i can i know this is hard in such a small room.

the dimensions of the room are 3200 by 1900.

I like the idea of turning the toilet that might be possible i would have to keep the vanity pretty narrow but as there wouldn't be much room in between that and the bench with the washing machine.
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Patty526, If i had a custom vanity made it would angle into the corner allowing the back door to still swing shut. i would love to not have that door there it would open up so many more possibilities but i cant get rid of it.
Also i cant even put in a cavity slider as the cavity doesn't allow it.
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I saw that you can't put a pocket door, but what about a bifold. Trouble is, unless they are custom made, they tend to be flimsy. I had one made for a similar bath situation, and it's been a huge change from the bifold from the lumber store. An angled cabinet would do, but remember, you can have a bifold open either way. Note in the pic, that the doors are actually hinged on opposit side of opening. This keeps it literally on track!
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turn the toilet 90 degrees as manon floreat suggested and as you are gutting the place i would put washer next to your sink so all is on one wall then on the other shelvingunit and if possible turn the white door so it opens on to the unit wall as well...
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I like the idea of a bi fold. It would definitely give me a bit of extra room and I need all I can get.
My only concern is it opens out onto the rear of my unit and when it rains the door gets soaked. Will this still be ok
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Carole, do you think all this will fit into 3600 but? Especially having a washing machine which is 800 wide, so that a shower a toilet space and then also enough space for a sink.
I love the idea of keeping it all on one wall but am just worried about the room.
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can you measure it out?/get some karton and cut out the space you will need for the washer and surround than put it in place,or if the washer is not to heavy,disconnect and swing it round,just to check!!and disconnect the sink and take it out,as you decided you dont need it,it will give you the best idee of how it will feel,you wont need to build shelving on the other side if you really work out beforehand how much storage you need in the bathroom,but i would advise some shelving on top of the washer for the powder and the towels,keep your floorspace as free as possible..i think turning the loo will give you more space and the bi-fold door will also help with this lay-out..what are your plans for the shower,you said it will all get gutted,than start again..can you reconfigure that too or is it already a small shower??
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as to the problem when it rains...a canopy should stop a lot of that!!
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