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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

1960's Home & Kitchen is 90% intact! YIKES! NEED HELP & IDEAS!

Tamara TatichFebruary 25, 2013
So we're on a pretty tight budget. I finally painted the walls a mustard yellow and burnt orange to make the yellow linoleum not look so bad while I"m figuring out the best flooring and such. We really want a rustic look that will blend with the rock fireplace/hearth and exterior stone.

Cabinets are a challenge because I really like the fact that they are old-school 100% wood cabinets. BUT...they have a worn oil varnish to deal with.

Tiles gotta go and we can't get rid of the turquoise sink (you heard me right!) until we get rid of it. Don't you love linoleum breakfast bars??

Lighting is such a challenge here! We did remove a cabinet that was over the stove to open up the space. We COOK! Both of us are in the kitchen the majority of the time we're together. Like the rustic pan rack, but really need to bring more light over the cooking/prep area. Not sure if we should just find new panels for the existing florescent fixtures or what.

While looking up, yes we still have popcorn over half the room. I think I want to install a faux copper tile or other color so the textures aren't an issue.

Critique away! Any ideas are great to hear because we're struggling on what to do as a liveable fix to get us through five years.

The long term is to move the kitchen altogether to the dining room where there is a beautiful view where it is open to the family room. The kitchen will then become a formal dining space and I'll be asking more questions from you then!!

Thanks! All is so appreciated! T & M
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Rustic with turquoise sink and white tile is kinda hard...
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Tamara Tatich
That just sounds so funny when you say it that way! Yes, the sink is going once we figure out the counters. Since our long range plan is to relocate the kitchen, we don't want to spend the money on granite. The sink is beneath the tile, so it's a combo job.
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Maryl Hershelman
paint the counter....rustolium makes a counter paint...terra cotta or red....red. Cut on the butcher block. Spray the hardware too...or get new...$30 upgrade...temporary of course.
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Hi there

Ok, if it were MY kitchen, I would...
remove the table and that shelf over the stove and declutter the kitchen. The kitchen seems big enough to store most things in the cupboards

remove that strip of wood on top of the window

and of course, if somehow possible, I would paint the cabinets

But to be honest, I think the kitchen is not that bad. And the floor is so almost stylish. You could also paint the barstools (pick up the orange or yellow again).

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Tamara Tatich
Hi Haddon - Are you saying remove the butcher block table or the breakfast table? And by shelf are you referring to the shelf that is really a bar or the pot rack above the stove? Yes, the wood corniche (I think that's what it's called) will go when an alternative window treatment is figured out. LOVE-LOVE the idea of painting the chairs! I was going to recover the pads once I had more figured out.

I'm a little concerned with getting too much more yellow and orange going. I just can't figure out what color cabinets and counters to go with. I'm intrigued by Maryl's idea of paint! I may need to look into that and red or terra cotta could work - although a very bold statement. Probably better than the espresso I was thinking about. Color and product are my biggest dilemmas! What about an olive green? The exterior of the house is green and brown and I have olive green accents on the fireplace wall to pull out the green in the stone.

Yes, I agree that the floor somewhat works into today's trends, but there are cracks in places and it really needs to be replaced. I'm thinking something that looks like wood because real wood wouldn't be a good choice for how much we cook. Tile is too hard and cold. Arghh...yes...another dilemma!

Oh...the antique grinders that are on the bar will live on a raw wood shelf on the orange wall once it's installed. That should clear up some of the clutter around the cooking area.

Keep em coming!! This is great stuff! Thanks!
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Brenda Fisher
Living Room · More Info

Terra cotta walls, grey counter painted would look very Spanish with the turquoise sink. I'd hang onto my cash for the bigger Reno and stick with lipstick and mascara for now. I've seen the counter paint applied to floor tile in a bathroom and sealed. It has lasted 5years plus so far. For light I'd go with track lighting for now. Paint the back side of the breakfast bar or distress it. Seems a little to mod for rustic and too cheap for modern. Love the idea of painting the stools! Under cabinet puck lights and trim would go a long way. Spanish Mediterranean colours would be beautiful here. Add hits of green, blue, yellow and orange. Very uplifting in a dark space. A roman shade with these colours would be an instant lift. If you could lose a few upper cabinets and replace with shelves for some of those counter items. Possibly move the pot rack above the breakfast bar and install downlights above the cook top. Have fun!
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I agree with the declutter. Put away everything you can, and only leave BIG (like a food processor) or decorative things on the counters.

Cut on the butcher block means just that--if you do the Rustoleum refinishing of the countertops, you want to do any cutting on the butcher block, LOL.

I think that throwing green into the mix would be too much. Maybe as accents, but not the entire counter. You could, as you redo the bar stools to go better with the other colors in the kitchen, put new seat covers on that are the green you are thinking of. Red, oh, yeah.

If you are planning to make major structural changes down the line, work with what you have, and make it the best it can be. It makes no sense to replace the flooring when, after you tear out all the cabinets, you'd have to replace it, all over again. You can find a decent stainless sink for under $300, with soundproofing, so you can ditch the blue.
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Katie Gooding
Wow. I think that kitchen predates the 90s. Actually, it just looks like a mash up of several decades...some of it is bordering on being vintage cool, so you might be able to work with some of it, but the cabinets appear to be in pretty rough shape...I'm usually one to take a small budget and try to make something usable, but this one may need to go to the studs soon. So much just depends on condition, and condition is hard to tell in photos.
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Katie Gooding
Ohh lord, I can't read. You wrote 1960s kitchen! I bought a 1966 kitchen that was in pretty good condition and almost original and fixed it up because that's my style. Yours might not be, but I'll post a couple pics in case your interested. The first is before, the second is after. We used a local cabinet guy for a lot of the work I since the cabinets were in okay shape, just needed refinishing and to be reworked for knocking down a couple walls. I can honestly say I did all new stainless appliances, recessed lighting, flooring, Corian counters (because I don't like granite) backsplash and refinish/added cabinets, ohh, and moved the fridge water and a bunch of electrical for 14k. That's my definition of a budget Reno, but we did DIY some. If you like my kitchen, we can chat more, if it's not your taste then I won't weigh in much!
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Katie Gooding
Ohh, and when you take out the sink please take it to a Habitat Restore because believe it or not there are some people looking for turquoise sinks.
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Brandi Nash Hicks
Here is an old kitchen
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Brandi Nash Hicks
Renting now so I can't update ,in really good condition for the age
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Katie Gooding
So much just depends on condition. A lot of these 60s kitchens had really nice cabinetry, the craftsmanship was so much better than what you can find today, but, they aren't always conducive to modern living. I mean, I love my 60s kitchen, but if I couldn't have a dishwasher the whole thing would have gone. And even then some cabinets were built better than others, and are beyond redemption. I'm actually kinda sad, we are in the process of selling our house because my husband took a job transfer, the area that we are moving too had very few homes built in the 50s-60s as it's a smaller community, and the ones there are are in all in hurricane evacuation zones (we will be too) but they are all below the flood plane and I don't even want to know how much that would cost to insure! We are ending up with a new McMansion, and I'm going to miss my kitchen and baths with character. I know it's not all that popular to restore 60s construction yet, but I like to think it's coming soon!
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Another year-old post.
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Am I the only one that is saying, uh seriously? Orange walls, yellow walls, run down floors, cabinets and so much clutter I can't even concentrate. No offense, but you said to critique away. I would start by simplifying EVERYTHING. I mean, everything. If you don't use it, put it away. Paint goes a long way, get the cabinets painted and bar stools for color. Take your walls back to a calmer tone, they are jarring to see. Paint island and get everything off that ledge where people are supposed to sit. Remove the pot rack. Once you do all of this, I don't think it matters what color the counters and cabs are as long as the walls are calm and the counters cleared. As for your dining room, the bakers rack has so much clutter on it, the kitchen table has placemats and candle holders, dark and dungeon-y. You can always bring in old rustic touches or whatever you like once the foundation and cleaning is done. Think about it that way instead of creating this whole kitchen with all these crazy colors and items. Good luck!
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