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Difficult living room layout - need help please!
February 26, 2013
I have what I believe to be a difficult layout situation in my living room.

We have a wall mounted TV, as well as a projector screen that drops down from the ceiling (it was installed prior to our purchasing the house).

I have tried the long couch on the long wall and it does not look right due to the fact that the wall with the windows is also very long. I need all three pieces for seating in the room and also do no want to block the large entrance to the living room because that is where the screen comes out of the ceiling. Any tips?

I have moved the furniture around several times and I do believe this is the best layout. I am however, at a loss for additional side tables/furniture to flank the large half chair. I would like to add a small book shelf as well.
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This is the only photo I have of a different layout. I can move furniture later when I have help if need be...to get a feel for a different configuration.
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Brooke Strong
I would move the big chair that's against the wall to the other side of the dining room doorway and bring it in closer (both chairs should be closer to invite conversation). Don't be afraid of bringing furniture away from the wall.
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Brooke Strong
Then I would put built in (or if your'e on a budget, ikea has shelves that look built in) book shelves and/or cupboards on the wall to the right as you enter from the dining room. That will warm the room a lot and provide a cozy ambiance.
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Lydia (Kazza Design)
Can you put the TV on the wall with the speakers and the couch facing it? This would showcase the window instead of hiding it with the couch.
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Is the room L-shaped? Could you post a pic of the 4th corner of the room please?
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Lydia - That would be great except then we couldn't watch the projector - which is on the opposite end of the room and the furniture would be facing the wrong way.

Alohabrooke - I'm sorry, I'm not sure I'm understanding correctly. I uploaded the first photo and drew on it what I think you're saying. Is that what you mean?
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It is somewhat L-shaped due to the portion of the wall where the TV sits. I added a panorama and a photo of the corner I think I missed before. Hopefully that helps.
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Ah, that last angle made all the difference...
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Brooke Strong
Yes, your drawing on the pic is what I meant. I wouldn't be afraid of cozying the place up by bringing the furniture together a little and even slightly blocking the full flow to dining room entry (not completely of course). You need to define that space as its own I think. I really think you are almost there and don't need much...once you choose book shelves or cases and where you want them, that will help. What style are you partial to? Minimalist, craftsman, modern, casual modern (ie:family friendly) or ??
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
I may not have this right, but, from what I can see and have read it looks like the sofa will function well and fit nicely on the speaker wall. Add a table to either end. These should not be a matched pair. Move the big chair to a position roughly between your windows turned on a 45- degree angle to the sofa.
Add an oval or round cocktail table. Keep this piece as open as poss. (wood and glass, lucite, iron and wood). Art work between the wall speakers should be big enough to balance the upholstery pieces. Could be a framed poster. The other chair can remain where it is but, pull it a little closer to the console. Add a small round table on the archway side of the chair and a slender floor lamp if you like. The floor lamp can stand slightly behind the chair on the console side.
Finally, the large ottoman may work at an angle facing the sofa at the archway. Don't be afraid to have furiture just slightly into your archway, it's a large opening and will look fine.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Oh yeah...............Because the velvet chair in the corner, and your sofa-chair combo., and your carpet don't seem to match each other, the room looks broken up. Either paint the walls a color that will tie it all up (Citrus Greens, Sky Blues) and add pillows in the color you paint. Drop kick the Red and Brown and other pillows and replace with new.
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Design By Pisces
My self i would of subjected that you put it on a angle also, But personal if it is in the budget i would say get smaller furniture for that room and but that furniture in the basement or family room
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Sorry to disagree. Placing the sofa on an angle won't work well in a room of this size and shape.
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I do agree that the room doesn't lend itself to the large couch being placed on an angle, especially in that corner.

Alohabrooks - I do like your suggestion...I think I would really have to pull the furniture away from the wall (which I know is challenging for some) so it might be a stretch for me to like it. Would I leave the large couch where it is? My style is minimalist/casual and definitely needs to be family friendly. I was planning some large scale chalk art (professional) behind the couch and adding some industrial/modern touches. I don't want to get too industrial because I want it to be cozy, so there will be some vintage/cottage touches and a mix of modern as well. I can show you what else I have going on in the house - it is a mixed bag right now but I'm getting there. I won't show the kitchen because it is going to be gutted. :)

Jeffrey Brooks - Yes, my accents/pillows are not updated - the red and brown. They are from my old house and do not match at all. I'm thinking of bringing in a silvery blue because it is a accent color from my curtains. I actually chose that wall color because I thought it did go well with everything. Hmm...might have to re-think that. I wanted to bring in some other, more bright pops of color but the green couch is throwing me. I don't really like them anymore (they're about 5 years old).

That being said, what does everyone think of scraping the couches/chair and getting a sectional? I'm open to that.

Photo 1 is the chalk art inspiration (I wanted it above the couch/chair).
Photo 2 is with the screen down.
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I like the idea of the sofa against the short wall but maybe pulled away from the wall with a long shelf or console table behind it. It looks short enough that it would not block the flow too much. I like the flowery pillow with red but the other red pillows don't seem to belong.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Yikes!! Unusual location for a drop down screen!!!
Have you guys considered relocating that screen and the projector to another room, maybe basement, sometime in the future? It just looks to me like you'd get a much better experience if that equipment went into a dedicated screening room.
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Yes, i agree that the screen is out of place. Consider moving it in the future. For now, can you move the entire seating area closer to the big screen? make it cozier? then move the single chair next to the tv on the corner where the long wall/dining room entrance is? maybe put the big couch along the long wall and the smaller matching couch on the window side? then put a sofa table to back the long couch? art work on the long wall?
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Yes, it is not ideal. We don't use the projector/screen often. We are generally watching the TV.

4isablessing - So you mean put the long couch parallel to the long back wall, sofa table behind and then end tables? Or no? And then the small chair goes right next to it on the same wall? But everything is moved forward, correct? That would kind of put the large couch right in the doorway to the dining room. Not sure I can live with that. It feels awkward to me.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Kittybart, a quick holla-back..........please rule out a sectional in this room. Instead, if you are willing, select a fresh sofa with an interesting profile. A straight backed sofa will work OK but with the speakers on that wall something with a nice sillouette will give you oooooooomph!
Silver-blue is a good choice for you, if the Olive and Brown is making an exit. If they are staying then don't go too pale. Blue will still work for you but find a medium-toned Blue. The shade with a little "dirt" in it will work really well. I just looked quickly and Benj. Moore "Buxton Blue" HC-149 or "Nantucket Fog" AC-22 would be good choices. Whatever you pick, consider a paler shade of the wall color for the ceiling.
Then for pillows pick up the wall color (shop for pillows with your paint sample before you actually paint) and mix in more color similar tones. Becaue you have Green walls on your staircase, pick up some Green, and to bring up the floors a bit of Cherry-Brown.
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Thanks for your comments Jeffrey!

Getting new furniture, but not a sectional would be a hard sell to my husband! But we will consider it.

Most likely, we will be keeping this furniture. I have a young family and the furniture is likely to get abused over the next couple years. I will keep this in mind for the future.

Yes, I see what you're saying about the paint colors. I love those blues you recommended.

Also, my foyer is Sherwin Williams Liberty Pewter, if it matters. And my dining room is SW Bees Wax.

So you're saying, if I keep the olive/brown, I could still do these shades of blue for my walls? I actually don't love blue, but I'm at a loss as to what to pair with this olive/brown. At my old house, it worked well with a plain off-white/beige wall color, but I'm not digging what I have going on here.
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Ok, I moved some things around. Thoughts? I like it.

I probably won't be getting a new coffee table soon - I'll keep this because it's toddler friendly. In the future though, yes.

I will be nixing the too modern console table under the TV as well. Adding some floating shelves behind the large chair, and some art behind the small chair. I may try and throw in a bookshelf somewhere...not sure where now, though.

As far as another end table for the sofa...any ideas?
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Looks better already!! The blue will look great. The color will result in a more intimate feeling and look much more appropriate for TV viewing! In other words it will bring the chi (yup I said chi!!) to a quieter level. Dont' go pillow crazy! Use a rectangle pillow on the soffa and mix well with 2-3 squares. Skip prints and go for textured solids. You can successfully have one or two graphic patterned pillows mixed in. West Elm and Pottery Barn usually have some nice ones. Make sure your pillows play well with the rug.....smaller scale graphics will work nicely.
Art above the sofa should be the bigest piece in the room. Poster art in a frame would pop. Two prints on the wall between your windows. Soft images, soft colors. One above the other will excentuate height and make a nice view from your DR. Nothing behind the smaller chair. If bookcases are somethng you have to have, place them outside the primary area, off the carpet, in the passage way.
Shelves should be wood tone that works with your flooring, or, maybe use an open "etagere" piece. Wood and iron might be awsome here!
Last, the lamp appears to be too bright. You need more eye-level lighting so when you can, add an end table and new lamp. Oh yeah............if it makes sense to you, consider a magazine holder or narrow basket on the floor beside the big chair.
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Jeffrey, you're great, BTW. Thank you!

Okay, so instead of a book shelf, maybe I'll do an "etagere" piece as a console under the TV that can double as a book shelf??

Can you help me more with art? I am SO at a loss. I want personal pieces, which is really hard to get when you're buying decor art, I think. I also want to bring in that industrial feel...or at least a vintage feel. Not sure that jives with your suggestion of soft images/colors.

Yes, I need something beside the big chair....it looks naked. I have a round rattan basket, but I'm not sure that will work. The pillows, I can do..seems simple.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Tried to attach images but N/G. Go to Restoration Hardware online. Lots of great stuff to choose from. Their things are Industrial-Chic and the furniture draws from Pre-war, English and French periods. This all is cool but be sure you consider how the other room/s will be affected. If your DR furniture is formal it going to look like a car crash!
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Brooke Strong
You are in the difficult position that I can relate to with young children but a desire for a nice area. I firmly believe in trying to use what you already have and making it work even if its not the style you want in the long run...but it now you don't want to spend a fortune on new furniture and paint etc when it will likely be damaged and worn very quickly! I was just about to suggest the furniture arrangement that you just did, and I think it does look better already!
I think you just need a little symmetry (maybe a matching side table and lamp on the other side of the sofa), some art and pick one or two accent colors to use, then go full force with them but without too many patterns.
I think you can make the brown work with the golden/cream walls...but again, it may not be your long term vision.
I could see changing the drapes to a more fun and bright color an add some accent pillows which compliment the drapes. I personally would choose the accent colors from the warm nature palate. I don't believe that blue is the right choice for NOW...but in the future when you want to replace the furniture then it would be great.
I think some questions to answer first are:
How much $$ do you want to spend?
How long do you want the decor/choices to last?
What colors go with your furniture and reflect your and your family's personality?
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I think my biggest obstacle is "what ARE the accent colors?" I've tried orange and that doesn't work. I think the silver blue might work but I don't really love blue. I like the idea of going forward with the blue walls, but if I can make it work the way it is, I might wait a year or two to repaint. We just moved in in Oct so I'm not keen to repaint.

I don't want to spend much but I know I need art and a few key pieces. If I can get the living room accents and an additional book shelf or console + art, for under $1000, I will be happy. I would rather work with what I have but I'm not opposed to reprinting.

I plan on keeping this look for maybe 5 years. I get too bored and will want to move on by then. These curtains are semi-custom and I'd like to keep them, although they're from my old space.

Jeffery - my DR furniture is not formal at all. I think it will work. It helps that I haven't started decorating that room yet and only have a table (second hand, so it might not stay either.) I love restoration hardware art, especially the subway art pieces.
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Brooke Strong
Kitty, I can't tell with the lighting, but is the paint in that room a creamy yellowish color or greenish tone? I think some soft consistent lighting will also be key to the warmth and evening out all the colors to go well together like Jeffrey mentioned. The whole mood in my living room changed when I added some consistent warm mood lighting and the colors all looked different. Also, is the ottoman purple?
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
You get bored because you haven't started with a plan and follwed it through to the end. It's tough doing a space a bit at a time. By the time you get to the third or fourth item you've lost focus, seen other things you like, and off you go again.
Get samples of the paint ideas, attach to a white cardboard (White). Pin the paint and pictures of the room to your board. Next look at pieces you like that you'd like to add. Add these pictures too. Take this board with you when you are shopping for the space. Keeps you on track. Once you like what you see on your board, no reconsidering colors or floorplan. See it through. This is how you learn and take your knowledge to the next room...............looking back gets you lost in the weeds!!!
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Any thoughts on buying ready made slipcovers for the couch and maybe chair. Some look quite nice, reasonable( online) and great with kids. You would get new furniture for very little. Also the new furniture arrangement looks great.
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In this discussion she was looking for some artwork. She found one that can be custom colored by the artist at a reasonable price. What I liked is the circles which mimic your rug. The artwork is discussed and shown is near the end of the discussion. http://www.houzz.com/discussions/327389/Color-of-drapes--Stripes-or-not--Sheer-or
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kathleen MK
better arrangement but I would pull the chair away from the TV more and might put the floor lamp by the big chair.
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Bobbie S

Artoftexture etsy shop. JE is doing custom art for me . V E R Y REASONABLE. 2 30 x 40 pieces for $300 check it out. I like the fact that it's custom and helps small businesses. Good luck!
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alohabrook - It is a gold/creamy color, yes. The ottoman is dark brown, just like the couch/chair. It just looks purple in the pictures. I agree that I need a new lamp, and probably another end table/lamp combo. My other end table was $$$ so I can't spend that much. But Jeffery mentioned they shouldn't match, so maybe that's good. I'm not going to do well with picking that though. Might need more help later. :)

Yes Jeffery, that's true - but I'm not a professional like you! I don't realize these things! :) I am trying to plan more deliberate. I went pillow shopping last night ( I think I'm keeping the wall color for now) and didn't buy the first thing I saw! That's progress. I will pick up a paint chip for some pillow shopping I'm going to do this weekend.

Stevi - I think I'll keep the furniture now as is and just let it wear with the years. I really don't like slipcovers and these fabrics have worn well so far. Thank you for the recommendation.

Thank you everyone, for the art recommendations. Artoftexture on Etsy is affordable, but I'm not sure that's the style I want to go for. I think the siza I want is probably cost-prohibitive right now considering my budget, but I'm going to keep looking and see what I can find. I don't want to settle and I'll just wait until I can find something that really resonates with our family/style.

Any ideas for working some personal photos into this room? I was thinking floating shelves somewhere...perhaps on the wall behind the large chair?
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Hey!! If you keep the wall color just add solid pillows in colors you like. Later you can add art in those colors but you'll have a sharper look just w/great pillows. For ideas you might have fun looking on Etsy.com.........It's been a blast and all the best with your project!!! Jeff
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Pinterest as some great ideas for photo walls http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=photo+wall
I pulled this one because you mentioned using shelves http://www.coolphotoideas.com/blog/2008/9/22/photo-wall-display-made-easy.html
and lots of ideas on using fabric for wall art http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=fabric+wall+art
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Place your sofa parallel to the wall with the speakers - but move it out into the room - almost lining up the right arm of the sofa (as it faces the TV) with the window to the right. Get a long credenza for the wall under the speakers, or long low bookcases that traverse the entire space. Then in the section of wall in between the speakers hang chunky thick shelves upon which you can display pottery, and artwork - even layering pieces to give the room some weight and balance in the back and provide a nice focal point when the TV isn't on. Those shelves could be painted to bring some color into the room. You have too much contrast right now - light rug, light walls, dark furniture. Try getting some mid-tones in there. What colors do you like besides brown?
Get rid of your square end table placed at an angle (at least for that room - put it elsewhere) because everything you have is block like and too massive. Get a round table that is more substantial than the drink stand you have - that is the wrong scale for your furniture. And don't get a wooden-top table under any circumstance - you already have a room full of brown. Find a nice limestone top on a weathered iron base, or a glass top on a sculptural base of some sort to put some movement in the room, or a double tiered glass top so you have a nice display shelf below that again gives you the opportunity to integrate some pops of color into the middle of the room. Move the arm chairs so that they face each other perpendicular to the sofa. That's good for conversation, if you watch TV with a houseful you can always turn one chair.
You need art work!! If you can't afford it - go outside on a nice day, or a snowy one for that matter and use your digital camera in the black and white setting. Take pictures! Lots of them. Scenics, small details - an interesting key hole on an old church door, the curved arm of a park bench, a bicycle leaning on a wall, a shiny car bumper, a flower in your garden, an old gnarly tree, your own children - just not their whole bodies - make it artsy. Playing peek-a-boo? - just photograph their eyes. Capture just the part of their faces you want to focus on. Baby fuzzy skin, chubby arms or legs. You can have lots of disparate images when you use black & white because the lack of color unifies them. Then for color, you can mat those black and whites with a color mat of your liking (pick one color) and use ready made black frames. If you repaint your walls - which I suggest, go a few tones lighter or darker than the wall for the mats.
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Brooke Strong
I think mimcat has some good suggestions for art and shelves! However, reading the table recommendations all my mind processed was "death trap" as a mom of little ones. I like the round table option for the simple reason that it's safer for kiddos but wouldn't use glass or stone until kids are older.
Love the idea of creative family pics in b&w with colorful frames. I might do that myself.
For one of my pieces of art, I had my daughter paint a canvas in colors right for the room. (she was 4 I believe) and we hung it... Everyone loves it...it's perfect abstract art that's personal.
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mimcat - Thank you! Great ideas. Let me ask you some questions, if you don't mind.

Low Bookshelf/Credenza
I have a large media console that matches the end table. Would this work behind the couch? See photo.

End Tables
Ok. I hear you about the end table and I realize that little table is all wrong for my room - it's just what I had on hand to try out based on other recommendations. Not sure I have it in my budget to get rid of the current end table, but it's something to consider. And alohabrooke is right - glass/limestone is out right now due to toddlers. I might have to settle for a less blocky wood round "cheap" tables and maybe try and bring in some glass/limestone elements in the lamps? Thoughts?

Colors besides brown?
I don't even really like brown! Hahah!! I got stuck when I bought these couches and now I can't get out! I would like to incorporate some golds, maybe some sort of blue and deep burgundy red. I don't even love warm earthy colors, but I feel I'm stuck with them since these couches are green/olive and brown. Thoughts? I recently purchased these gold pillows in the pictures.

Yes! I need art! I started this thread here. http://www.houzz.com/discussions/373136/Art-behind-couch---speakers-in-the-way

I don't really dig photos matted in colors other than white. So, I'm not sure that will work for me. What if I mix art with colors I like, with black and white photos?

Also, I just purchased this for the wall behind the large couch. It is an architectural photo but it is actually my husband, myself and daughter walking. I like it. :)

I also have some other art like this of the cat. I have a dog one too, but they're different sizes from one another, so probably wouldn't work. It was from my kitchen at my old house.
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Brooke Strong
So what's the update? Have you done anything different? Would love to see pics when you make a decision & execute! :)
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dewi mayangsari
why you dont just try to change upholstery of your sofa to be natural tone, with accent orange or green, for minimize impression of weight, and narrow of your room, and if you want three chair, you can add this bench cleopatra (below picture) with small size..it can beautify your room, please give it a try..
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So sorry it took me so long to get back to you!! I absolutely love the architectural photo - and even more so because you and your family are in it. That's what I meant about an unconventional shot that is really artsy!! I don't know how large it is and the dimensions would help me inform you about balance. If you don't like colored mats - don't do them!!! It's your place and you should love it first and foremost. The media console is very nice and I can understand not wanting to waste a good piece of furniture. But how long is it? It has to be at least the size of the sofa - preferably longer to start to fill in the space in a nice way. If it is small and you can't integrate matching/complementary shelving units on either side with some height you could try the following: If the architectural picture is really large center it between the speakers by itself. (You can make it larger by matting it with a wide mat and a bold frame). Then put the chunky shelves to the right and left of the speakers in a step wise manner. So for example two small shelves, one above the other, might be 12" wide at the speaker height (because it looks like it's not a large amt of wall space there) and then below those two on each side you could put a wide 30" shelf for example. Just like when you type a formal report and you right justify the text, do the same with the outer edge of all the shelves closest to the adjacent wall. Then you could get some great quality potted artificial trees in a nice wide planter pot or a pot on a stand, or find some tall fake grasses that can pass for the real thing and cluster them in a pot. Again that will give you height and balance on either (outer) side of the speakers, as well as balancing out and filling in for whatever width is lacking from the credenza. The pots are a nice way to introduce color. You can even buy cheap plastic flower pots from home depot and them spray them with those great and inexpensive Rustoleum paints that now come in all sorts of great colors and are weatherproof and made to stick to plastic without priming etc. And will help fill in if you don't have items enough to display on several larger shelves. I would forgo the cat and dog pictures in that space, because they do appear smaller and are not the same vibe. The architectural motif is a great one to work with, much more sophisticated. A poster advertising milk seems fit for the kitchen or breakfast nook thematically, as if you have your own little cafe, so you were correct in your placement in your previous home.
As to the round tables. Get cheap ones and faux finish the tops! Or even gild them for an updated look. Benjamin Moore has just come out with some outrageous metallic paints. They are about $15 a quart - which is more than enough for a table or two. Just sand down the top if it is pre-finished. Otherwise look for unfinished furniture places in your area. The upside: if your kids mangle the top - you have extra paint on hand to "fix" it any time you need to do so.
I have also used a great product called Baroque Art Guilder's Paste. Check it out by googling it. It is a fantastic product - safe, non-toxic, and as easy to use as shining a pair of shoes.
As to the pillows. I like them! The way to go brighter and visually eliminate some of the browns is to get more pillows. Two pillows like bookends on a sofa is rather dated. This is one case of more is better. West elm and CB2 have been showcasing yellow gold accessories and they are inexpensive. Try local Bed Bath & Beyond, or Home Goods if one is near you. If you like the gold color - play it up by intensifying the wall color. Go a more buttery yellow - something rich. Do not go as dark as the pillows though - walls reflect back on themselves and the color always winds up looking darker once on the wall. I would not do burgundy - way too dark for the room.
You can switch out your curtains by buying cheap fabric that has some of the brown olive - but is a bolder happier print with yellow/gold and white in it. You don't have to match things dead on. The same family works well together. I was just at a store called Sewtastic (they are a chain) that sells remnants. I saw a bolt of 10 yards for $10!!! in their "rag room" that I am going to do two chairs in that is just beautiful. I bought $95 per yard Duralee designer fabric there for $5 per yard! Check them out because I don't know where you live and whether they are in your area. But do check any fabric remnant stores near you. Here's another trick for curtains if you do not want to sew or spend lots. Use Bed sheets!!! I did that in my first place years ago. If you buy flat sheets (not the soft 500 thread count - but a stiffer percale) and iron it well without washing - the sizing in the fabric has enough body for panels. Use the top of the sheet (which usually has a wider band) as the curtain bottom, and it looks like a wide finished designer hem - and the hemming is already done for you. You only need to fold over the top to make a rod pocket (Fold over as much as you need to get the right length for your ceiling height) - it is one quick seam and takes about 15 minutes to do each window. A king sheet can be cut in half vertically and quickly stitched for two panels per window.They won't be lined, but that's OK.
LMK if you have more questions - and again - hope this helps and sorry for the delay. BEST!
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OOPS! The name of the chain for inexpensive fabric is Sewfisticate! What was I thinking?!
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You have lots of great ideas to sort through. Just adding my own two cents on the big wall with the chair. I love this idea and maybe it could work for you, as well as adding shelving and adding some weight to the room and help the chair fit in. Boxing in a chair or sofa looks so nice and clean and when it doesn't get too cluttery. Holds books as well as photos. Can also hang art on the wall in some of the shelf openings. Add some lighting as accents. Can also add bookshelves floor to ceiling on each end of chair and hang grouping of large art above chair. Good luck; your room is looking great.

[houzz=Library Office]
[houzz=Centsational girl]

imagine your chair on this bookshelf wall instead of the doorway
[houzz=Scarsdale Stunner by B Fein Interior Design]


[houzz=In Atlanta Homes with Thomasville Furniture]

[houzz=Family Room]

imagine your chair under that mirror

[houzz=Scenic Drive Project]
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Great ideas...thanks!!

Always designing - LOVE those ideas. I would need to move/hide our projector - which would be a great idea.

I'm kind of stuck. IS my space even modern/rustic? Probably not. What IS my furniture? What do I need to do to give it a direction? Anyone want to chime in? I feel like I need help with search terms. So when I'm looking at lamps, I search for rustic or modern lamps but it's not pulling together. Maybe I just need to move forward with the back wall and go from there. I'm waiting on a carpentry quote for some floating shelves before I can move forward with anything.

Here are some current photos - nothing has changed except the rug really.
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