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small living for newly weds! need ur kind help!

pink_rose7575February 27, 2013
greetings everyone! i need ur help decorating our small living room. the room size and lay out is very weird. this is a rental place so we may not be able to paint the walls and other things. we have 1 divan, 2 two seat sofa and 1 single sofa. we also have 1 coffee table and 2 small side tables. we recently bought a tv trolly and kept the tv over there. i hung few pictures from our wedding and a painting.

plz give me ur valuable suggestions on how can i make this room look really elegant. i have attached a few pics of our small living from different sides.
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please help me!!
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Interiors International, Inc.
The rug and root table do take away from the "Elegance" you requested. You have way to much furniture for that small room. With everything pushed up against the walls. If you could edit down to just one sofa and 2 chairs. Then I would put the chairs in front of the nook where the root is now. Then put a table behind them to keep the space useful.
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A Crew of Two
You have a lot of furniture in a very small space. I would remove one of the striped loveseats. Place the single sofa, smaller chair in front of the window at a slight angle. Place the chaise looking piece on the left wall and then move the other loveseat centered on the wall. Are you looking to replace anything? If it is in your budget a red oriental rug would be gorgeous. Also, take the two narrow portrait pieces and make an arrangement with the larger portrait. I would lower the artwork a few inches- you want it more at eye level.
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I think you have too many pieces of furniture that are too much alike. I would consider getting rid of one of the sofas or loveseats, moving one of the loveseats in front of the window area facing the television and keeping the green covered divan and one of the other striped divans facing each other. I would consider some art that you really love and would go for perhaps a light blue gray in a solid color for the rug and the drapes and the drapes all the way to the ceiling. I would use pillows in a blue gray and perhaps a turquoise and I would look for a glass top coffee table in a dark wood with curved legs. I would add art that you really like for above the couches. The photo is a bit small for the space. You could add more decor on the coffee table.
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A Crew of Two
pillows would be a nice addition along with a floor lamp, very traidtional
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Vanessa Barreto
I would put diagonally the banket in the right corner of the bottom wall, in the wall in front you can put just one of the other stripped sofas and you can buy an ottoman or puff something smaller to puff next to the banquet and also use it when necessary as a coffe table, tv is ok there...
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The biggest issue that I see is the rug. It looks more like a blanket and is not as ornate as the furniture. It looks more casual. I don't think you should paint anyway, white looks good with furniture this ornate. I would consider taking out at least one piece of furniture to make it less crowded.
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Vanessa Barreto
oh! change the carpet pls! and may a floor lamp like the one above my comment ;) good luck
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To use all your pieces, angle the Divan in the window recess - low end to the right corner and high end extended into the room on the left. Put a side or coffee table in front of it. Put the single seat sofa in the corner under your photo collages. The collages need to be separated by the width of one frame. Leave the two-seaters opposite each other but move them toward the TV end of the room and rehang art above them. Add a large rug that covers most of the floor except the recess. I would buy one with colors from the art rather than the pink/red tones of the floor. Make sure each seat has easy access to one of your tables for putting things down.
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Thank you for all the suggestions! i will start working on it this weekend. if i want to keep the photo of our wedding, what more can i add in the 2 sides of the photo (since the photo is small for the wall).. also plz advise me on how to decorate the empty wall above the TV.
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I would put sheers or blinds on the windows and bring in more natural light.
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kklinton gave you good advice on the photo frames.. let me elaborate on that. place your two vertical (narrow) frames on either side of the larger horizontal frame, in such a way that they are about 1.5-2 inches apart from each other horizontally.... while large frame is also vertically centered between the two vertical frames...
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try this:
position two seater into the nook where the window is, position the single seater at an angle in the corner of the narrow photo frames, turn the diwan so as to be pushed agaisnt the wall where the tv currently is, place the remaining two seater in the middle of the wall where the one large wedding photo has been hung. now place the two small side tables onto either side of this two seater.. place tv against wall where the ship painting is....

let me add on suggestions by others:
add fall coloured cushions onto diwan eg
utopia projects · More Info
, add floor lamp, replace rusty coloured flowers with white large roses eg:
misc. · More Info
, add lighter (fawn coloured) curtains (get longer curtains rods to fill up that entire wall with curtains, also add a plush rug also fawn coloured.. as for decoration pieces, nice small crystal or glass pieces would be good.. add floor lamp next to one seater against wall where the narrow frames are currently.

add an oval shaped gilded mirror on top of where the diwan will be placed.. eg of mirror:
living room · More Info
Contessa Mirror · More Info
Raveninside Interior Design · More Info

the root table doesnot match with anything..
can you match the grey border in ship picture with other photo's border frame brown colour for uniformity?
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A drawing can say more than words, right? Hope this will help. All your seats are in there. The one seat is a bit to the back, so you have lots of daylight when reading/doing needlework for example. * Start by taking out the rug. Buy a lighter curtain or add sheers under these, so this one can be opened most of the times. * Trade the root coffeetable for two (the same) really simple ones and place them near the window (you can easily pull them to the middle when you have visitors). * The divan is sweet, but it needs a warm welcoming color, maybe you can get it re-upholstered soon. * A quality rug can last a lifetime, so set some money aside to buy a large&good one. Good luck!
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rinqreation, can you please tell me which software did you use to make that plan?
I hope rinqreation doesn't mind my editing her drawing, just to explain the layout i suggested in my earlier post.

I believe the plan is NTS - not to scale, hence my guess is furniture pieces would fit more easily, with extra space, in real life than as shown in this attached plan. I can say this by counting how many tiles the sofas are taking up from the picture..

if you follow this arrangement in the actual room, you will have sufficient space left between single seater & double seater as well as between diwan & double seater..

pink_rose7575 please do post pics after your final arrangement.

and yes, felicitations on your wedding!
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It's NTS, since I had no measurements, just pictures. I made the room smaller on purpose, because when it would fit into there, it certainly would in RL. Did not want to cramp all chairs into a circle, because that makes me think of boring family birthdays. :)
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I based my earlier suggestion on a permanent TV connection that couldn't be moved. If that is the case, the plan anumaura provided would simply required moving the divan into the window recess, angled as I suggested, the TV back beside the door where it is in your photos, and the two 2-seat sofas on the walls opposite each other. If this plan is to scale, you'd really be better off to sell something or move the divan to a bedroom. Then you could angle the 1-seat sofa in the window and put the other two opposite each other. Don't worry about your pictures until you have the room arranged, and a rug, pillows, etc. Art will be the last thing you'll work with.
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@ ^: I like the idea of the diwan angled in the window nook.. That would be classyyy, with full flowy, warm, slightly sheer, light looking curtains at its back.. Combined with a floor lamp in remaining triangular space behind the diwan..
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anumaura, thank u for the wish :)

Thanks a lot guys! my special thanks to rinqreation, anumaura, decoenthusiaste and kklinton. i rearranged my furniture today. i wanted to try the arrangement showed in the pics by rinqreation but found that the wall beside window nook is too small for the love seats. so i had to place the divan in the window nook as suggested by decoenthusiaste, i couldnt place it in the wall suggested by anumaura coz the wings of the divan are too wide and it was blocking the door. i kept the single sofa on the wall of photo collage with a slight angle then kept one love seat beside it and the other loveseat in the wall where the tv was previously. and moved the tv under the ship painting. so basically its almost like the lay out anumaura posted today, i just had to replace the divan with the two seat sofa. it looks much better now! i kept the root table at the corner between the two love seats for the time being, as i cant sell it now. i was in a hurry so couldnt take the picture but i will post the pics soon.
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sounds good.

drape the root table with a nice cloth almost touching the floor, if you want. and with a nice runner - so easily available in the sunday markets.. and place flowers on top. or just the runners would do, if there are no tots visiting to pull 'em down..
hope you invest in a floor lamp.
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