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What to do with all these walls
February 27, 2013
I recently renovated and I don't know what to do on the walls, on either side of the TV and over the "island" in the kitchen. I'd like to put some kind of small console table, shelf, or other furniture piece behind the couch on the stair side, for a bit more storage/dumping ground, but I have no idea what to put on either side of the TV to fill up the empty wall.
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Stanton Designs-online design services
What about some floating shelves on both sides with a few small accents.
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I would take bock of wood (square edges) the length of the fire place and paint it black. Then mount it about maybe 6 inches to the TV to the wall to make a sort of mantel. I also would would leave one sofa where it is and put a small end table on a end and bring the other sofa to meet it so it is facing the fire place. Making an L shape. This would allow you to maybe put a club chair in place of one of the sofa's and better viewing of the TV.
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Drapes for the windows first. They are part of the walls.
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Amy Thompson
I can see some full length drapes and a soft rug under the living room area...:)
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I think floor plants would be a nice idea. A mantel definitely.
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Orange salade
Mirrors. Are beautiful. I.also. like clocks

Book case
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Barbara Griffith Designs
Maybe you can swap out some can lights for pendants over the island and the sink area. Also, the table and counter and the chairs look like a bus station. Can the table be turned to be perpendicular to the counter. Lower the light fixture over the table. Is it difficult watching TV sideways? I suggest trying a different arrangement..I don't know if you have enough space or not so.. pull the sofa facing the window back a little toward the stairs and toward the kitchen. Turn the other sofa to the back is to the table and it is facing the TV. Leave an opening to enter the area. If that fits, maybe add a large chair to the right of the fireplace but angled into the room and several feet from the wall.

I don't know what that little strip is under the TV..is it a sound bar? Just below it, add a thick mantle painted white with 2 large corbels under it. I would add a large colorful, patterned rug between the sofas..and very large colorful art on the walls.
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Gardens Inc.
Dark wood bookshelves (match stain of wood trim) that could act as side tables for the couches as well as anchor the space. I would think that shelves that had sides that were more open would be better rather than closed, but keep the visual weight to balance the heavy stairs. Simple construction, elegant details.
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Donna Howard
Maybe a sofa table behind the sofa closest to the island with a tall plant on the end next to the wall.and some family photos etc. You could also put a plant next to the wall behind the other sofa.
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Angela Dodson
* add a wide architectural molding and / or combination of the molding and a hanging system for artwork on those bare walls.. This can go all the way around the patio doors also and serve as the drapery architecture too. unifying the space. add some contrasting color like orange, an open coffee table like iron/glass and less crowded furniture configuration. the chandelier looks like a dining room standard. get rid of it and bring in one that hangs lower and in a vertical line. finally, add some fresh fruit and fresh greenery in water on the tables.
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anne dee
see pics to give you some idea for your furniture placement.
You could use the mirror or/and plant ladder or/and large plant, or floor lamp and position accordingly A couple of black/white/neutral print etc. in keeping with your color theme and if you like you can bring in color in your accessories.Living room transformation://www.houzz.com/photos/37797/rentfluff-com-contemporary-living-room-vancouverrentfluff.com
Sorry, I doubled posted an URL
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I would put some molding around the fireplace, then as someone else suggested, put up a mantel of sorts, along with thick but simple wood brackets (can't remember the correct term for those!). The floating shelf idea is nice, but I don't know if I'd force it. You just need to find some art you love, or frame some photos you love. If you can find something you love now and are anxious to fill the space, just put up something you already have or create something with cheap frames until you find the right thing. I think an eclectic arrangement would look nice on the left side, some open frames, clock, mirror, photos, whatever you like, and maybe a couple of things going vertical on the right side.
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Esther Bergling
Several bookshelves with BOOKS not knock knacks
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First I'd move sofa backing to the glass door and put it facing the tv/fireplace. table behind sofa lamp decorative bowl plants strategically near wall (sofa) rug, (with some color) a swivel chair backing to the glass..some colored pillows, and a traditional mantle around the flat nondescript fireplace opening. this is a very sterile color palette needs warmth...books, lamps, photos in more places than just the living tv area. just sayin...and drapes too. can close if needed but frame the opening
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
You need draperies...lovely but the room needs softening and a rug only won't do enough. Windows need to be dressed! Just straight modern ones with conrad shades in the middle. Something luxe. Also that light fixture is way too small in scale. Its needs to be larger. Check out lightology.com.

You also need a nice sturdy tray on that ottoman, a nice orchid.
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Thanks all! I know it's sterile...we just moved back in and haven't done anything to make it home yet. I am kind of stuck with the lighting, and the two sofas where they are, they are all new buys that I'm not willing to change out and it's a short term home for us. The lighting needs to be flush or close to because there is an ocean view out the window wall that I don't want to block. And the sofas...there isn't enough room to have one facing the TV as suggested. It's not really a TV watching area, we have a big TV room in the basement, this is more for having the news or a game on in the background etc.

I have a rug coming, it's gray, white, blue ikat pattern. We are putting up a mantle, it just hasn't been done yet. Hadn't really thought about drapes, I will try some out and see how it looks, we just really need to keep the view open.
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One Week Bath, Inc.
Large decals. This would add some texture. There are many styles and patterns out there... Here is an example: http://www.etsy.com/listing/43045008/large-wall-decor-decal-sticker-removable?
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I wouldn't necessarily put drapes on ocean view windows unless it's completely retractable shades. You have a million dollar view you should not obstruct especially if you're in the home short term. If you're staging for sale, people will remember the view - the wrong drapes would be distracting. To add some texture, a rug and throw with pops of color would help. I like the idea of leaning shelves or a pair of matching leaning mirrors on either side of the fireplace. Your plans for a mantle will also add some depth to the wall. The room is lovely - the color perfect. My only criticism is the dining table being pushed against the wall with 3 chairs on either side. All those chairs sitting adjacent to the bar top with 3 stools just looks too busy and it focuses attention on an apparently too small dining area.
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You may want to add tile around the fireplace and TV area, or instead of tile A big slap of marble or other stone to highlight that area. To the left of the fireplace you could have a custom bench built that could incude storage. I would put bright artwork or a large mirror over the bench area. It looks like your furniture is new. If it's not and you are looking for new pieces I would redesign the seating to be conducive to watching TV. I would get a low profile sectional or a sofa with a side chair on either side perhaps one that swivels. http://www.mgbwhome.com/CARA-LEATHER-SWIVEL-CHAIRBR-available-online--P8385.aspx
would get hunter douglas luminette privacy sheers for the windows. I have them and they are so great. http://www.hunterdouglas.com/our-products-detail.jsp?id=4. GOod luck.
I included a pic of split sectional I saw recently. Also might be a good idea.
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I agree with dressing the windows first and foremost..once you have some beautiful panels in..go from there... I do like the couches facing each other- think you can bump them further apart though...but get the drapes in..it will change the way you feel about the room...
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Increase the size/scale of the fireplace frame/surround (love the look of it, just a bit small for the wall) and add the drapes. It will make a huge difference. Then I would re-evaluate. I like the room a lot. I don't like clutter and our wall color looks very interesting and nice! Just know, it looks lovely already. Don't mess it up with tons of unnecessary decorator items that need to be dusted. :)
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One more thing, I would change the lamp in the room. It is too small and you should add something with some bling.
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Sorry, not lamp,chandelier.
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anne dee
I believe she mentioned this was a short term home ergo I believe she doesn't want to spend much money.
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There are so many directions you could take your design in. First off, budget. Keep in mind, you don't have to do everything at once but have your plan in place, so you know what you want to acquire when on the lookout. Places like TJ Maxx Home/HomeSense/ CB2/Pier One Imports etc. all have great deals.

First off....scale: the ottoman/coffee table is a little too small given the size of the living area and the size of the couches, which are on the larger side. Option 1: get a larger square/rectangular ottoman/coffee table if you are able to; otherwise, living with it or now is alright--it's not that bad. Space the sofas a little further apart, if you can--they look too close together. If you can move the sofa which is on the stair wall side, perpendicular with the sofa on the sliding door size--into an L-shape; and move the ottoman around accordingly. If the budget here allows, and you can move one sofa to another room (i.e. family room, etc.) and replace it with either two arm/siide chairs (slim profile arms or slipper chairs), all the better, along with a set of nesting side tables (or one). You can even go with just one chair/one side tale as a group. Another idea would be to go with one side chair such as the slipper or arm chair and have it beside the current ottoman. Then, use the nesting tables grouped together as a coffee table. They can be easily moved around as well when needed.

2) Placing a tall vertical standing mirror (such as the Malm series from Ikea) and a slim-profile floor lamp in the corner will help reflect light, enlarging the corner and creating visual interest. In fact, if you like the idea, you could even place a tall standing mirror on either side of the TV.

3)Alternatively, a large vertically hung piece of art in the corner by the sliding door, along with a coren floor lamp will add visual interest also. it can also be several pieces, as opposed to one large vertical piece. Even empty frames of different designs painted in black, white, or a combination of colors (consult a color chart if you go this route, to ensure the colors complement the neutral base color you've already chosen). And remember, all art work should be positioned at eye-level.

4) To mantel or not to mantel is the question? Btw, the surround is fine. I don't consider it to be too small. If you use floating shelves (such as Ikea's LACK model, which is quite reasonably priced, based on length), you might not need a mantel. That said if do decide on one, you could choose a floating shelf like the Malm (6 feet long would be ideal) and install decorative wooden or iron brackets, or corbels as additional supports (in addition to the detailing). The mantel can even be painted to blend into the wall, which looks neat and gives it the illusion that the objects are floating. If you have the budget for a mantel and want a mantel, consider something out of reclaimed barn beams/drift wood. This will have to varnished or stained and professionally installed. Ensure that the adequate support(s) are installed as well, as per building code.

5) Floating shelves on the left side of the TV? It's not a bad idea if you have lots of objets d'art and books to display. Just keep in mind that floating shelves (LACK from Ikea, West Elm, CB2) have weight restrictions. So, if you have a number of items/books/pictures together. install decorative brackets (in addition to the already concealed hardware supporting the shelving) for additional support. They details often help ordinary shelving to elevate the lux factor. FYI, a 6 ft. LACK shelve from Ikea is about $40 (could be cheaper) depending on the color. If you don't want to paint, go for birch, maple or cherry veneer finish.

6) Instead of floating shelves, you could turn that whole wall into a gallery wall with pictures of varying sizes, centered around a mirror or one or two large art works. How about incorporating empty picture frames in different styles obtained from flea markets and painted?

7) a floor lamp to the left of the TV is another lighting option; or a table amp/ side table, if you leave the sofa grouping as it is. Ensure you choose the right-sized lamp shade as well--16" to 20:" in diameter sounds about right.

8) Dining Room pendant fixture, if possible, should be lowered about 20". Basic rule of thumb is that the chandelier fixture should be 36" from the table top. It would have been nice to go with a wider (24" to 36") shade as well. But still, not too bad.


Install floating shelves with decorative supports/corbels to support the weight of display items is a good idea. Having an addiitonal bank of cabinetry is always useful as one can never have enough storage in a kitchen. So, in lieu of a bank of cupboards, open shelving is ideal as it gives place to showcase kitchen wares/serving ware/cocktail glasses, cookbooks, etc. Two rows minimum. Three is ideal and four if you can fit it in. space them about 12" to 14" apart minimum. (keep in mind of what the tallest objects/serviing ware/pitchers/cook book sizes are when determining how far apart to install the shelving).

Style of shelving: You can go with something contemporary like the LACK series from Ikea/West Elm or sleek stainless steel (also from Ikea); or, a combination thereof.

Having a second floating TV screen (albeit a 21" size) on the wall so that you can use it to watch video recipes, the news etc. is another consideration, so factor that in as well.

You can even hang a vertical piece of art work above the breakfast bar; along with a small table lamp as well for additional lighting.

Now, if you choose not to install shelving in the kitchen, then one large horizontal mirror is also ideal; or art work. That can often add dramatic impact, too.


I noticed that all the dining room chairs, the breakfast bar chairs and sofas are pretty much the same greige color. I'd add slip-covers to the breakfast counter chairs or the dining room chairs. This way, you have more contrast and pops of color. Lots of options here for patterns and complementary colors.
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Joyce Wright
Really needs warming up ! Add a window treatment in a bright fabric, floral or pattern with matching mixed pillows. Ottoman has got to go, needs one twice to three times the size now covered in color from window treatment. Great start ! Add molding and keep raising around the flat screen will make a awesome statement. A mantel around the fire place. Molding and mantel all in white. Great start !
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This room made me drool - and then you told me it has an ocean view!!! Oh my, you are a lucky duck! Love the floors and you have great furniture. How many people are living here? If it's 2-4, I would consider storing some of the dining chairs/ stools and moving the table under the window lengthwise. Even though it will no longer be under the standard-issue light, It needs to be opposing the sofas, not in line with them. Do you have artwork? That's all I would place. Art that I love!!! In whatever size I find it in - all around the room. I have an ocean view & you couldn't pay me to cover the windows in the LR! Do you own or rent? If I owned this awesome space, I would update the lighting. If I was renting, I'd ignore it! lol
Living/Dining Room
Jay Jeffers Home + Cavalier
NYC Rooftop Penthouse.
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I like the big, empty wall space as it is. :) I would not fill up the empty space next to the TV with anything. I enjoy the big empty space.
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House of Fine Carpentry
I would create a feature wall around the tv.
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What about having two sets of three frames hanging horizontally like in this picture.

I see silver frames, white border and maybe B&W prints....maybe baby/family ones since I see a car seat in the corner of the living room. :-)
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Beautiful room btw!
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