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Natalie Wain
September 21, 2014 1
When Clare and Jonathan Potter bought a piece of land in southeast England with a view to building their own home, they were determined to embrace sustainable living. The land is set amid 18 acres of glorious ancient woodland in the New Forest area, and the timber house they wanted had to respect the surroundings while...
Black, White and Gold Add Up to Bathroom Design Heaven
Karen Wilson | September 21, 2014 5
So you want all-out glamour, luxury and indulgence in your bathroom, but you don’t want it to look like the Palace of Versailles or the ladies’ powder room at Harrods? Getting the balance right without tipping over into kitsch can be tricky, but these...
How One Couple Got a Perfectly Intimate Backyard Wedding
Lauren Piasecki | September 21, 2014 18
Alissa Martin, owner of the clothing and shoe store Pavement, and Jeb Jungwirth, a psychologist, wanted their autumn nuptials to feel like the two of them just woke up that day and decided to have...
Window Wizardry: 7 Clever Approaches to Privacy
Rebecca Naughtin | September 21, 2014 3
Creating privacy while letting in light and views can be an issue for many suburban homes. We often see frosted windows or deliberate screens as the only method of dealing with the issue. Luckily, we now have design alternatives that not only offer...
Meet the Mighty Saguaro of the Desert Landscape
Karen Peterson | September 21, 2014 4
Every classic Western movie worth its salt lick had a saguaro cactus stuck somewhere in the landscape, out yonder or sometimes in town, and then it was usually plopped in front of the saloon. They’re an iconic image, these giant, multiarmed...
12 Classic Bulbs for Spring Blooms
Marianne Lipanovich | September 21, 2014 12
Spring bulbs are amazing. One small, brown, often misshapen package contains everything needed to produce roots, leaves and a beautiful flower (or flowers). Bulbs are easy to grow, have relatively few pests and diseases, can go in the ground or into a...
15 Cool Rooms and the TV Shows They Want You to Watch
Becky Harris | September 20, 2014 39
It’s finally time for our “stories” (as my friend Michael calls sudsy TV shows, in honor of his grandmother) to pick up with new episodes again. With ever-changing technology, fall premieres may not have exactly the same urgency they did back when...
Reflecting on a Gardening Year
Benjamin Vogt | September 20, 2014 27
I remember April like it was yesterday — in fact, I’m convinced it was yesterday. I don’t understand how life accelerates exponentially every year, but I do know that one of the things I can do to slow it down is to stop, reflect and experience...
Raise Your Glass to Home Bars in All Shapes and Sizes
Kerryn Ramsey | September 20, 2014 18
Unleash your creative prowess when designing a custom home bar. While a tiny unit can be squeezed into an empty corner, a larger-than-life bar that takes over a whole room can work as a real party starter. Just add swizzle sticks, mood music and...
Simple Pleasures: Fall Traditions for a Special Season
Laura Gaskill | September 20, 2014 25
Apple picking, baking, crunching through piles of leaves, sipping warm drinks by the fire — these are just a few of the many simple pleasures autumn has to offer. Traditions like these become rich with meaning when returned to year after year, and sharing...
Houzz Tour: Surfing Inspires a Metal-Happy San Francisco Loft
Mitchell Parker | September 20, 2014 14
While buying a glass-topped propeller coffee table from HD Buttercup in San Francisco, this homeowner asked design consultant Daphne Steinberg if she’d have...
Guest Picks: Stay Charged
Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien | September 20, 2014 5
Keeping my iPhone from reaching that 10 percent battery warning is a daily problem. I often forget to charge my phone, because that magical white cord is always getting moved around to another outlet or bag, or going missing when I do go to power up....
Great Design Plant: Southern Magnolia, Iconic U.S. Native
Falon Mihalic | September 20, 2014 8
Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) has an old-world charm, with its large, dark, glossy green leaves reminiscent of the tropics. Like the southern...
You Said It: ‘It’s Different ... But Then, Aren’t You?’ and More Wisdom
Becky Harris | September 19, 2014 25
In a week where independence was in the headlines, I found myself looking for streaks of independence around Houzz. During this time when entire TV networks force obsession with resale value upon us, I am always happy to find unique design moves, quirky...
Avast! 9 Spaces to Treasure for Talk Like a Pirate Day
Jessica Dupuy | September 19, 2014 15
For the average landlubber, September 19 may come and go as a rather uneventful day. For others it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a parody holiday started by two guys in Oregon who felt everyone should glorify the days when swashbucklers ruled...
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