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Annie Thornton
January 26, 2015 20
Five years ago Robert Jamieson and his wife, Tami, did what a lot of city dwellers swear they’ll never do. They bought a house in the suburbs....
Five years ago Robert Jamieson and his wife, Tami, did what a lot of city dwellers swear they’ll never do. They bought a house in the suburbs....
Think Turquoise to Energize or Soothe the Garden
Frank Organ | January 26, 2015 9
Turquoise, the greenish-blue color that takes its name from the ornate gem, is believed to create a feeling of calm and well-being. Turquoise is touted as a great color to revive interiors, but how about our gardens? Turquoise is one of the most vibrant...
Design Workshop: The Shed Roof
Eric Reinholdt | January 26, 2015 12
There are few architectural elements in a home that suggest “traditional” or “contemporary” as strongly as roof shape. Ask a child to draw a house and you’re likely to get a box capped with the classic gabled roof. So too the flat roof and its...
Shop Houzz: Rethink Your Kitchen Storage
Houzz | January 26, 2015
The kitchen is the hub of the home and packed with all kinds of things we use on a daily basis, and it can quickly turn messy without a plan. Turn your chaotic cupboards and countertops into tidy, efficient spaces with clever storage systems and furniture...
Room of the Day: Great Room Solves an Awkward Interior
Mitchell Parker | January 26, 2015 17
A couple with two little kids was stoked to snatch up a midcentury Eichler home in Mountain View, California. But before they moved in to the classic midcentury home,...
My Houzz: A Beach House in the Heart of the City
Elizabeth Santillan | January 26, 2015 16
The Neumann family’s home is a stone’s throw from Brisbane, Australia’s, central business district, but when you see its clapboard exterior and turquoise front door, you may think you’ve arrived at a beach shack on the coast. Ruth...
Great Design Plant: Chelone Glabra
Benjamin Vogt | January 26, 2015 1
I’m a sucker for native plants I can’t easily find at brick-and-mortar nurseries — especially if they’re tall, have white blooms and don’t require much work once established. You’re probably quite familiar with pink turtlehead (Chelone...
Master Builder Crafts a Dream Workshop
Annie Thornton | January 25, 2015 27
Imagine the workshop a master craftsman would build for himself. “I knew if I built it using our standard methods, it would be $200,000, easy,” says John Zerrer, builder and owner of a high-end design-build firm in historic Stockton, New Jersey. Zerrer...
Houzz Tour: ’50s Ranch Redo Could Be a Keeper
Becky Harris | January 25, 2015 29
Designer Ryan Brown has moved 20 times in the past 12 years. As a frequent house flipper (if he looks familiar, you may recognize him from Bravo’s show Flipping Out), he’d live in homes that were staged to perfection for a few months until...
How Thermal Mass Keeps You Warm and Cool
Liz Durnan | January 25, 2015 3
It’s been around since Roman times, so it’s not exactly new, but we hear the term “thermal mass” bandied around these days when we talk about passive solar design and sustainable homes. So what exactly does it mean? If you want to...
Historic Stone Barn Now a Country Farmhouse Kitchen
Joanna Simmons | January 25, 2015 15
Some barns are built in open country, surrounded by fields; others are situated next to a farmhouse so that valuable livestock or goods are close at hand. This 17th-century barn adjoins the home of Arran and Anna Stevens. Once the couple had renovated...
Shop Houzz: London Calling
Houzz | January 25, 2015 1
Each city has its own distinctive style and flavor. In her book Home Style by City, author Ida Magntorn shares how to create a London vibe with a home full...
Saying Goodbye to One Home and Hello to Another
Laura Gaskill | January 25, 2015 17
Leaving a home, especially one you’ve lived in for many years, can be hard — and so can getting settled into a new house that doesn’t really feel like home yet. Whether you are downsizing or moving into your dream home, these ideas should help ease...
Houzz Tour: Room for Everything in Just 596 Square Feet
Becky Harris | January 24, 2015 64
“He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a multiple Ironman competitor, he plays in a band and has about a million other activities going on, so he desperately needed an organized and efficient space that maximized every nook and cranny,” interior designer...
Orchids 101: Get Started Growing Orchids at Home
Marianne Lipanovich | January 24, 2015 49
Orchids were once special-occasion flowers, available only from a florist or a grower. Most people thought growing them required a greenhouse and an exceptionally green thumb. Today orchids retain their aristocratic allure, but they’re readily available....
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