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Courtney Lake
April 23, 2014 2
Brass has slowly climbed its way to the top of the design heap over the past few years. But closely on its heels is its cousin, copper. Like burnished brass, copper gives off a glow that can enliven almost any space with its warmth and earthiness. With undertones of rose, orange or red, copper can play nicely...
A Quirky Ontario Cabin Gets a Lighter Touch
Becky Harris | April 23, 2014 1
Eccentricity is what gives a space personality, while its history gives it a soul. Although the rooms in this Tiny Beaches, Ontario, log cabin were dark and a bit peculiar when interior decorator Enza Ricco took on their makeover, she...
Single Design Moves That Can Transform an Entry
Becky Dietrich | April 23, 2014 3
It takes a combination of many design elements to make a room beautiful and welcoming: things like color, scale, furniture, accessories, rugs and lighting. But even when all these things are executed well, there is often one particular thing that...
Care and Training for a Vine-Covered Home
Laura Gaskill | April 23, 2014 7
A vine-covered house can be so charming, it’s worthy of a fairy tale. But those clinging vines can also damage surfaces, make brick crumble and provide cover for pests like spiders or even mice and rats. Let’s explore ways to get the allure of a vine-covered...
Garden Color: Lighten and Brighten With Yellow
Frank Organ | April 22, 2014 10
During the flower-power days of the 1960s, Donovan sang about “being mad about saffron” in his hit song Mellow Yellow. Are we still mad about yellow in our gardens, and can it be mellow? Nature commonly uses yellow, with spring flowers like...
My Houzz: Art Inspires an Aussie Remodel
Luci Dibley | April 22, 2014 20
A love affair with leafy streets and everyday conveniences brought Jenny and Sergio Benassi back to the suburb where they lived years before. They found a home that was, in Jenny’s words, “just right.” The 1934 home was in its original condition...
16 Ideas for a Healthy, Feel-Good Home
Laura Gaskill | April 22, 2014 30
As the warmer months draw nearer, you may be thinking about ways to improve your lifestyle by eating healthier, getting outside more or losing...
Create Garden Mystery With a Zigzag Path
Jay Sifford | April 22, 2014 14
Bed and pathway lines are important to how we view and navigate our gardens. A good garden designer will employ these shapes to influence moods and to dictate how and how quickly we move through a garden. Straight paths are utilitarian, moving people...
An Urban Greenhouse Overflows With Edibles
Annie Thornton | April 22, 2014 10
In their greenhouse in San Francisco, Tom Cowan and Lynda Smith currently grow lettuce, radicchio,...
How to Keep Your Upholstery Looking Good
Becky Dietrich | April 22, 2014 42
“What do you mean I have to maintain my new sofa? I spent all this money on the thing and now it wants more of my time and attention?!” I used to hear this all the time when I sold furniture for a living. As soon as I started...
Guest Picks: Kid-Friendly Side Tables
{darlene} weir | April 22, 2014 7
Decorating can be fun, but it can be extra challenging when you have small children to consider. This collection of kid-friendly side tables will convince you that design compromise is not necessary; most of the tables below won’t be a disaster if a...
Just Passing Through: How to Make Passageways an Experience
Elizabeth Miller | April 21, 2014 6
Circulation pathways take up a lot of square footage in a home, so make every inch count when you’re getting from here to there — even if you’re just walking between rooms. Passageways can be more interesting if the wall is thicker. Once...
Salvage Style: A DIY Upholstery Project Makes a Grand Entrance
Shelly Leer | April 21, 2014 27
When it’s time to refresh any space in my home, I first take an inventory of furniture, materials and fabric that I have on hand. Even if you don’t have a stockpile of these things to work with, it’s still fairly easy to create stunning pieces from...
Great Design Plant: Baja Fairy Duster, a Scarlet Stunner
Noelle Johnson | April 21, 2014 5
Whether you call the uniquely shaped flowers of this shrub fairy dusters or puff balls, they are sure to add beauty to a Southwestern landscape. Baja fairy duster’s dark green, lacy foliage provides a great backdrop to the vibrant red flowers, which...
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